Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sony's New Device Hits the Street

Be Careful with this one - Make sure the volume is down low if you are in a crowed area. If you are offended by potty words, don't watch this video.

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of X%$@ That Doesn't X&%#@%% Work

Friday, February 27, 2009

Hot Color MFP?

We waited until we could actual get a spec sheet on this new Muratec MFX-C3400 Color Multi-function printer. Which looks vary similar to the Oki (Okidata) CX-2633 MFP.

Supplies for the Muratec MFX-C3400

Toner Cartridges
  • Black Toner Cartridge - TS3400K
  • Cyan Toner Cartridge - TS3400C
  • Magenta Toner Cartridge - TS3400M
  • Yellow Toner Cartridge - TS3400Y
Drum Units
  • Black Drum Unit - DK3400K
  • Cyan Drum Unit - DK3400C
  • Magenta Drum Unit - DK3400M
  • Yellow Drum Unit - DK3400Y

Specs for the Muratec MFX-C3400

  • Color Print Speed 26 pages-per-minute
  • Monochrome Print Speed 34 pages-per-minute
  • User Interface Touch Screen (5.8 inch)
  • Reversing Automatic 50 sheets
  • Document Feeder
  • Standard Paper Capacity 400 sheets
  • Max. Paper Capacity 1,460 sheets
  • Cassette Paper Weight 14 – 26 lb.
  • Bypass Paper Weight 14 – 44 lb.
  • Duplex Printing Standard 1:2, 2:2
  • Duplex Scanning Automatic
  • Output Tray Capacity 250 Sheets
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 26.34" x 22.24" x 25.91"
  • Weight 136.69 lbs.
  • Toner Yield (Black) 9,000 @ 5%
  • Toner Yield 9,000 @ 5%
  • (Yellow, Cyan, Magenta)
  • Ethernet Connection Standard 10/100 BaseT, RJ-45 Connection
  • Networks Supported Windows, AppleTalk, UNIX, Netware
  • Memory 512MB (Std), 768MB (Max)

  • Platen Glass 11" x 17"
  • First-Copy-Out-Time 12.5 seconds
  • Warm-Up Time 90 seconds
  • Image Combination 2:1, 4:1, 8:1, Card Copy
  • Zoom Ratio 25 – 400% Platen Glass, 25 – 100% ADF
  • Electronic Sorting Standard
  • Number of Copies 1-999
  • Mixed Copy Support Letter / Legal

  • Resolution 600 x 600 dpi
  • Grayscale 256 levels
  • Scan to E-mail Standard
  • Scan to PC Folder Standard
  • Scan to FTP Standard
  • Scan to USB Standard
  • E-mail Address Book 500 locations
  • PC Folder Shortcuts 50 shortcuts
  • File Formats Monochrome PDF, TIFF
  • File Formats Color PDF, TIFF, JPEG, XPS
  • 300 dpi Scan Speed 42 scans-per-minute
  • 600 dpi Scan Speed 21 scans-per-minute
  • Resolution Up to 600 x 1200 dpi
  • Page Description Language Standard PCL6 & PostScript 3
  • Print Alignment Upper Left Corner
  • Secure Print Standard
  • Pantone® Color Matching Standard
  • Font Support 88 PCL fonts, 133 PostScript3 fonts
  • Banner Printing Up to 11.5" x 47.24"
  • Modem Speed 33.6 Kbps
  • Max. Compression JBIG
  • Fax Memory 16 MB
  • Fax Address Book 500 locations
  • Broadcasting 530 locations
  • Battery Back-Up 72 hours
  • Fax Forwarding Standard
  • Confirmation Report Yes
Rate It! Muratec MFX-C3400 Color Multi-Function Printer

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pssst! Don't Tell Anyone

Another feature we added for Office Supplies Price Comparison Tool.

Easily compare multiple items for the Big Box Office Supplies retailers Like Office Max, Office Depot and Staples. We added OEM Numbers to the cross reference search. Now it will cross reference their part numbers to each other. But that is not the latest upgrade to the Office Supplies Price Comparison Tool.

You can add this tool to your intranet or website for you or your customers to compare those price amongst those big box retailers. Absolutely Free! Yep, you saw that right, Free! What's the Catch? Absolutely Nothing!

Just copy the code from our My Office Supplies Price Comparison Tool and save as a html file.

You should get a box like this:

Ideal Software for my Laptop

Saw this on - Have you ever had a laptop stolen? Not fun, especially if you don't backup on a regular basis. I learned a deep lesson from that. Now I back up everything at least once a month. I have also worn out the "Control Key" and the "S" keys on my keyboard, just to prevent those accidental Blue Screns of Death. But for a stolen laptop, that gives you the capabilty for you or the police to track it down and make it useless to the new owner.

Stop thief! Software lets stolen laptops speak up.

By Jessica Mintz, Associated Press
SEATTLE — Stolen laptop? Now you can tell those thieves exactly what you think of them.

Front Door Software's Retriever program displays your contact information as your computer boots up. There's even space for a plea to a Good Samaritan — "$50 for my safe return," maybe.

In most cases, that's enough to help an honest person return the machine, said Carrie Hafeman, chief executive of the five-person company based in Evergreen, Colo.

But in the darkest scenarios, Retriever takes off the kid gloves.

You can log on to a website and check a box indicating the computer is missing. Now during start-up, a big yellow and red banner appears on the screen, boldly declaring the laptop lost or stolen. This message is set to reappear every 30 seconds, no matter how many times the thief closes the window.

You can remotely switch on a second password prompt if you fear the thief has also stolen your regular Windows, Macintosh or Linux login.

Behind the scenes, Retriever uses built-in Wi-Fi to sniff out nearby networks, then suss out what Internet service providers power them. With that information in hand, Hafeman said, you can file a police report and get help locating the criminal.

While waiting for law enforcement to come through, you can even let off steam by sending new messages to the nagging "Stolen Computer!" screen.

"You are being tracked. I am right at your door" was one, Hafeman said, adding that she could not bring herself to say others that came to mind. Customers have also tried to induce fear or guilt by switching their contact info to "Secret Service" and "Catholic church."

The latest version of Retriever, which costs $29.95 for three years of use, is even more aggressive.

Now, when the "stolen" screen pops up, the laptop cries for help. Use a canned message ("Help, this laptop is reported lost or stolen. If you are not my owner, please report me now.") or record your own.

"You can say, 'Get your hands off me, you S.O.B.'" Hafeman said.

Rate It! Okidata Print Management Solution

OKI (Okidata) Managed Services offers an array of comprehensive managed print services created specifically for businesses. The OKI Print Management Program is designed to streamline your document output and increase your productivity by helping identify, improve and manage opportunities for efficiency in print document operation.

The OKI document output management program is flexible enough that its components can be contracted in full or in part, based on the corporations needs.

Phase I: Identify

To accurately assess document output environment, evaluate current and future output needs, expected output volume, floor plan and physical location of devices. Then, the OKI MPS program will evaluate your installation environment and legacy operating systems. Finally, OKI assess the established mission-critical applications that are integral to the business processes.

Phase II: Improve

This phase begins with the implementation of the OKI Print Management solutions that meets the businesses needs, including redeployment, application assistance or technology refreshes.

Phase III: Manage

Asset Management, is an integrated process that manages all aspects of each of the print document assets throughout each phase of its life cycle, earning a greater return on investment by reducing the total cost of ownership and improving productivity.

OKI's print management solution could save up to 30% on your printing costs. Many corporate decision makers underestimate what a Print Managed Services can actually achieve.

In fact, many businesses aren't even aware of the equipment they currently own or how it's being used. And even fewer are aware of their post-acquisition costs. That's why a Managed Services Solution from Okidata has been formulated to demonstrate that an efficient document output operation may save a business 10-to-30% on their printing and imaging output costs.

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M&M's and Office Supplies?

Now how would does what Mars Candy does with M&M's relate to printer supplies. Simple, expand your product offering. Mar's Candy is always introducing new ways to sell the same product or a derivative of the M&M. They have built the Las Vegas M&M Store, Green M&M's for Valentines, Red, White & Green M&M's for Christmas and now these tasty Premium M&M's.

Premium M&M's started to hit the market late 2008 with 5 different flavors - chocolate almond, mint chocolate, mocha, raspberry almond and triple chocolate (milk, dark, and white chocolate) and recently my sister-in-law got a whole case as a sample to test, and write about them on her blog,

It also made me think on how an toner remanufacturer can increase their sales. Add other products to sell to their existing customers. If the customer only buys toner cartridges from you, why not talk with the operations manager and try to get their data storage media business? Don't just stick with the one contact you normally sell to, find other people in the organization that also buy other products that are available through the typical distributor. It could be batteries, paper, mobile devices, warehouse equipment or other products.

Don't just stick with Toner & Inkjet cartridge. Don't be afraid to try something else.

Mars Candy is with Premium M&M's. They are introducing a new, but similar product and marketing it to a different type of customer.

By the way, these things are pretty good...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rate It! Konica Minolta Print Management Service

Konica Minolta Print Management Solution

Konica Minolta's OPS optimizes business processes and manage your fleet of printers, copiers and MFP devices.

Konica Minolta's Optimized Print Services (OPS) Print management program gives you a customized solution by choosing from an array of support options that meet the specific needs of your business.

opt-WORKFLO is a fully customized solution that will assess your document and print environment, optimize your document workflow, and reduce maintenance costs to improve your document output. Reallocation of over/under utilized printer devices.

The "opt" suite of software utilities is the brain behind the scene to help optimize your business.

  • opt-MONITOR - Assesses your current printing environment, provides timely proactive maintenance and ongoing assessment & optimization.
  • opt-ANALYZE - Creates a cost-per-print plan that covers consumables and service
  • opt-VISUALIZE - Develops a roadmap to replace outdated or inefficient hardware.
  • opt-MANAGE - Gives your organization control of print routing.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kyocera FS-C5100DN

Economical, Ecological, Ecosys Printer.
  • Fast output speed of 23 pages per minute
  • Brilliant color and crisp black & white prints
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Substantially reduce your operation and maintenance costs
  • Eco-friendly long life consumables
  • Kyocera ultra-reliable technology

Quick Specs for the Kyocera FS-C5100DN
  • Pages Per Minute (Color/Monochrome) - Letter: 23 Black / 23 Color; Legal: 18 Black / 18 Color; A4: 21 Black / 21 Color
  • Warm-Up Time 44 Seconds or less from Main power on, 25 Seconds or less from Sleep mode
  • First Print Out Time Black: 10.5 seconds or less; Color: 12.0 seconds or less
  • Resolution / Bit Depth 600 x 600 dpi, 9,600 x 600 multi bit interpolated resolution
  • Memory Standard 256MB, Upgradable to 1280MB via 144 pin DDR2 SDRAM DIMM
  • Standard CF Card Slot (Type 1)
  • Duplex Printing Standard Duplex
  • Electrical Requirements 120V, 60Hz, 9.2A
  • Dimensions / Weight 13.6"W x 20.4"D x 18.0"H / 61.8 lbs
  • Typical Energy Consumption (TEC) 3,239 KWh/week
  • Noise (ISO 7777/ ISO 9296)1 Printing: 53 dB(A), Ready 36dB(A)
  • Safety Standards This unit is manufactured according to ISO 9001 quality standard and ISO 14001 environmental standard
  • Maximum Monthly Duty Cycle 60,000 Pages per Month
  • Recommended Monthly Volume 1,000 to 5,000 Pages per Month
Supplies for the Kyocera FS-C5100DN
  • FS-C5100 Black Toner cartridge - TK-542K / 1T02HL0US0 - 5,000 Page Yield
  • FS-C5100 Cyan Toner cartridge - TK-542C / 1T02HLCUS0 - 4,000 Page Yield
  • FS-C5100 Magenta Toner cartridge - TK-542M / 1T02HLBUS0 - 4,000 Page Yield
  • FS-C5100 Yellow Toner Cartridge - TK-542Y / 1T02HLAUS0 - 4,000 Page Yield

Rate it! Ricoh Printer Management Software Solution

Ricoh's Managed Print Services (MPS) helps all kinds of organizations simplify complex output environments and spend less on printing. Using a process-driven approach, Ricoh Professional Services lets you outsource a variety of print-related activities without giving up any control over speed, quality or performance.Continuous Improvement

Proven Management Process
MPS teams seamlessly deploy a four-part process to create a package of services that helps organizations reach critical business goals.

  • Assess: Provides current-state costs and workflow, plus device maps
  • Design: Recommends ways to improve productivity, TCO, sustainability and security
  • Implement: Executes the plan to realize these benefits
  • Manage: Achieve projected cost savings and productivity gains

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
Outsourcing all or part of print management with Ricoh MPS helps reveal hidden costs, identify savings opportunities and significantly reduce spending on output.

  • Remove underused devices and consolidate output among fewer centralized systems
  • Establish rules-based printing
  • Track output activity across the enterprise and pay one monthly charge for actual page counts

Promote Sustainability
From manufacturing practices and energy savings to regulatory compliance and recycling, Ricoh MPS helps you support sustainability.

  • Align with “green” initiatives
  • Add solutions that use materials resourcefully, control environmentally regulated substances and maintain air quality
  • Work with Ricoh, a recognized leader in environmental responsibility

Improve Workflow and Security
MPS print management experts make sure the print environment runs smoothly and protects confidential documents.

  • Analyze print volumes and workflow via remote monitoring and management
  • Reach optimal device-to-user ratios and minimum distance to device
  • Align the capacity of the fleet with actual volume
  • Use secure printing, file encryption, removable hard drives and other techniques
Brochure of Ricoh's Print Management Solution

Rate the Ricoh Print Management Solution

Canon Fax Machine - FAX-JX210P

This might be a hot seller, with a list price of $79.99. The Canon FAX-JX-210 should hit the channel around April 2009.

Spec for this fax machine:
Copier Specification
  • Mono Copy Resolution - 600 x 600 dpi
  • Number of Copies - 99
  • Cartridge - PG-40 Black - 0615B002AA - $20.99 - Cost Per Print $0.059
  • You can get Genuine Canon Supplies here.
Printers Specifications
  • Printing Method: Inkjet
  • Paper Sizes - Letter, Legal
  • Automatic Sheet Feeder - 20 sheets; Letter (standard paper), 10 sheets; Legal (standard paper)

Facsimile Specifications
  • Modem Speed - 14.4 Kbps3
  • Transmission Speed (approx.) - Approximately 6 seconds per page
  • Transmission/Reception Memory - 60 pages
  • Scanning Method - CIS (Contact Image Sensor)
  • Fax Resolution -600 x 600 dpi
  • Other Features Networking
  • Caller ID Display
  • Fax/Telephone auto switch
  • Sequential Broadcast (70 locations)
  • Speed Dial-69 locations (9 one touch; 60 coded)
  • Built-in Handset
  • UHQ (Ultra-High Quality) Processing System
  • Auto Document Feeder
  • Full DOT Matrix (LCD)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Rate it! Xerox Printer Management Software Solution

Centralized dashboard for management of local and networked devices (regardless of manufacturer), including a central collection point for meter data, which provides a complete view of the imaging enterprise.

Automated supply tracking and reordering capability just-in-time inventory through continuous device monitoring.

Break Fix time is minimized with faster problem response and issue resolution through automated alert features, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

Costs are optimized through a centralized approach and enterprise-level view of your printing environment.

Seamless integration with the imaging infrastructure to optimize assets, improve end-user productivity and satisfaction.

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More Lexmark!

Just a quick post on this new Office Work Group Lexmark Machine -

XC940e - 21Z0580
40ppm / 30ppm

Information and MSDS sheets for the printing supplies of the Lexmark XC940e:
  • XC940e Black Toner Cartridge - 22Z0295 - 35,000 Page Yield
  • XC940e Cyan Toner Cartridge - 22Z0296 - 22,000 Page Yield
  • XC940e Magenta Toner Cartridge - 22Z0297 - 22,000 Page Yield
  • XC940e Yellow Toner Cartridge - 22Z0298 - 22,000 Page Yield

Friday, February 20, 2009

Define Managed Print Services? Rate It!

A service offered by printer manufacturers, dealers and even wholesale distributors that is designed to assist the business end-user to streamline management and minimize costs associated with printing and imaging.

Managed Print Services can help to cut ownership costs, enhance productivity, allocation and optimization of printing devices and reduce energy consumption. Also called Printer Management Services.

Some popular terms with Managed Print Services:

CPC - Cost Per Copy
CPC - Cost Per Print

CPSC - Cost Per Service Call

MPS - Managed Print Services

TCO - Total Cost of Ownership

SaaS - Software as a Service

We will be developing a list of manufacturers, dealers, distributors and software providers that provide a variety of Managed Print Solutions for the resellers and their business consumer.

You will be able to rate Print Managed Service Programs. Your feedback is important to help determine which solution is the best for your business.

If you want your information on the list let us know. Also interested in a link with a few keywords relating to Managed Print Services post a comment.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Who is playing in Brother's sandbox?

Stumbled across a few new compatible cartridges and drums for Brother Supplies. Besides Xerox just playing in Hewlett Packard's sandbox, it looks like they are going after Brother International now. Besides Media Sciences, who is going to play in Xerox's sandbox. HP again? Will this make Brother go after Xerox?

Xerox Number Brother OEM Stated Yield
6R1415 TN350 2,500
6R1416 DR350 12,500
6R1417 TN550 3,500
6R1418 TN580 7,000
6R1419 DR520 25,000
6R1420 TN430 3,000
6R1421 TN460 6,000
6R1422 DR400 20,000
6R1423 TN540 3,500
6R1424 TN570 6,700
6R1425 DR510 20,000

We will send this info off to some of our friends at Brother and see what they have to say?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lexmark XL Color Laser Printers

Just a different spin on and older laser model?

Lexmark C782n XL
Lexmark X782e XL
Lexmark C782dn XL
Lexmark C782dtn XL
  • Some Quick Spec of the Lexmark 782 XL Series
  • Up to 35 ppm in color, 40 ppm in black, first color page out as fast as 13 seconds
  • 800MHz processor with 256MB of RAM standard, expandable to 768MB
  • True 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution and 4800 Image Quality print mode

  • Maximize input capacity with extra drawers or high-capacity feeder
  • Print banners up to 48 inches wide with the banner media tray
  • Add a StapleSmart Finisher, envelope drawer, or outdoor media drawer
  • Increase output flexibility with a 5-bin mailbox or 650-sheet output expander

Lexmark offers some interesting Cost per Print (CPP) costs - Are these valid in the real world - and who is their competitor?

Picture 1 - Coverage - Cyan 26.92%, Magenta 32.39%, Yellow 40.15%, Black 0.04%
Printing Costs C782n XL / X782e XL $0.24 (CPP) - Competition - $0.53

Picture 2 - Coverage - Cyan 15.67%, Magenta 18.79%, Yellow 29.71%, Black 0.08%
Printing Costs C782n XL / X782e XL $0.16 (CPP) - Competition - $0.34

Picture 3 - Coverage - Cyan 13.87%, Magenta 16.07%, Yellow 19.05%, Black 3.63%
Printing Costs C782n XL / X782e XL $0.13 (CPP) - Competition - $0.27

Picture 4 - Coverage - Cyan 6.90%, Magenta 4.24%, Yellow 4.24%, Black 2.38%
Printing Costs C782n XL / X782e XL $0.04 (CPP) - Competition - $0.09

Picture 5 - Coverage - Cyan 3.24%, Magenta 3.40%, Yellow 2.91%, Black 2.39%
Printing Casts C782n XL / X782e XL $0.03 - Competition $0.06

Anyone? Anyone?

We are reaching out to our fellow readers to see who can tell us what these cartridge go to. Can you Guess the Canon Model?

We know the AKA name for the cartridges are a "Cartridge 318"

Product Name: Canon Cartridge 318 Black Toner Cartridge
Canon Product Number: 2662B00 / R04-8024

Product Name: Canon Cartridge 318 Cyan Toner Cartridge
Canon Product Number: 2661B00 / R04-8023

Product Name: Canon Cartridge 318 Magenta Toner Cartridge
Canon Product Number: 2660B00 / R04-8022

Product Name: Canon Cartridge 318 Yellow Toner Cartridge
Canon Product Number: 2659B00 / R04-8021

Product Name: Canon Cartridge 318 Black Starter/Developer
Canon Product Number: R04-8124

Product Name: Canon Cartridge 318 Cyan Starter/Developer
Canon Product Number: R04-8123

Product Name: Canon Cartridge 318 Magenta Starter/Developer
Canon Product Number: R04-8122

Product Name: Canon Cartridge 318 Yellow Starter/Developer
Canon Product Number: R04-8121

Canon Compact Photo Printer Selphy CP780

We found this new Canon Photo Printer - Selphy CP780 (3501B001) will be hitting the street shortly with a estimated retail price of $99.00

Specifications of the Canon Selphy CP780:
  • Printing Method - Dye-Sublimation
  • 2.5" LCD Display
  • Power Save
  • Print Speed (up to)4x6 Color Photo: 4" x 6" borderless photo: approx. 47 seconds
  • Print Resolution (Up to)300 x 300 dpi
  • Gradation: 256 levels of color
  • Physical Dimensions 6.9" (W) x 3.0" (H) x 5.2" (D)
  • Weight 2.1 lbs.
Manual for the Canon Selphy CP780

Supplies for the Canon Selphy CP780

  • Canon KP-36IP Color Ink & paper 4x6 standard paper, 36 sheets - $11.99 Retail - .333 cents per print
  • Canon KP-108IN Canon Color Ink & Paper Set KP-108IN 4" x 6", 108 Sheets - $29.99 Retail - .277 cents per print
Rate it! Voice your Opinion on the Canon Selphy CP780

Monday, February 16, 2009

TaskAlfa Toners, Finally!

Ever since Kyocera mentioned the new machines at their Dealer show in Dallas last year, we have been taking a beating on getting info of the supplies. Finally, we got some info -

The Kyocera TaskAlfa 400CI and TaskAlfa 500CI take the following supplies:

  • Black Toner Cartridge - TK-855K with a page yield of 25,000 pages
  • Cyan Toner Cartridge - TK-855C with a page yield of 18,000 pages
  • Magenta Toner Cartridge - TK-855M with a page yield of 18,000 pages
  • Yellow Toner Cartridge - TK-855Y with a page yield of 18,000 pages

The Kyocera TaskAlfa 250CI and TaksAlfa 300CI take the following supplies:

  • Black Toner Cartridge - TK-865K with a page yield of 20,000 pages
  • Cyan Toner Cartridge - TK-865C with a page yield of 12,000 pages
  • Magenta Toner Cartridge - TK-865M with a page yield of 12,000 pages
  • Yellow Toner Cartridge - TK-865Y with a page yield of 12,000 pages

Now all we need is the selling prices of these cartridges? Anyone? Anyone?

What Model is in Your Country?

Hewlett Packard 900 Inkjet Printer

With the printer’s high-yield, low-cost cartridges, there’s no need for you to restrict printing in order to cut costs. You can print whatever you need, make a bigger impact in presentations, and still enjoy impressive savings.

HP 900 Inkjet Printer - CB606A,
Also available in different markets under a different Model number.

  • Print speed - Black (Draft): Up to 20 ppm
  • Print Speed - Color (Draft): Up to 14 ppm
  • Recommended monthly volume up to 1000 pages

Genuine HP Supplies:
HP 900 Black Inkjet Print Cartridge - CB314A - 450 Page Yield
HP 900 Tri-color Inkjet Print Cartridge - CB315A - 400 Page Yield

Other Models, just in different countries.
  • Hewlett Packard 915 Inkjet Printer - CB720A
  • Hewlett Packard 910 Inkjet Printer - CB722A

Top 3 questions this week?

Q: HP laser toner cross reference?

A: Yes, we have the most extensive list of Hewlett Packard Laserjet Printers and over 300,000 OEM and compatible supplies associated to each printer, including printer parts to a certain extent. See if you can stump us on a Hewlett Packard Laser Printer. The first person* in February that can give us a HP Laserjet printer model we don't have will and win $100.00

Q: Can a Dell cartridge cross reference to a Lexmark Printer?

A: Yes & No. Actually Lexmark makes the the most of the inkjet printers and cartridges for the Dell. But the inkjet cartridges for the Dell inkjet printers are keyed Lexmark inkjet cartridge that will only work in a Dell machine. However, since most of the inkjet cartridges can be remanufactured or refilled, the "Keyed" part of the cartridge is usually engineered to be a universal cartridge which can be used for a Lexmark printer and/or a Dell inkjet printer.

Q: Is the Q6473A Compatible with HP CP2025?

A: We actual see multiple questions in this one question. First, will a HP Q6473A work in an HP CP2025, the answer is no. The second question, what cartridge works in a Hewlett Packard CP2025? The HP Color Laserjet CP2025 Series take the following cartridges: Black CC530A or CC530AD, Cyan CC531A, Magenta CC533A, Yellow CC532A. The last question, what machines take the Q6473A cartridge? The HP Q6473A cartridge will work only in the Hewlett Packard Color Laserjet 3600 Series of laser printers.

*New Free Trial Customers only - Feb 28, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Friends of the Industry

Recently one of our friends took the leap of faith and started their own business - If you can help out, please feel free to contact Holly at 703-344-2160.

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to announce the grand opening of my new business venture, Capitol Assistants, LLC. Capitol Assistants is a virtual assistance agency providing administrative, clerical and marketing services to small and medium size businesses saving them time, money and ultimately growing their business. We do this by harnessing the expertise and talents of professionals with substantial business experience who would like to continue their careers but require a less traditional framework. Our team works "virtually" (ie: from their home offices across the country) and they work hours that enable them to meet the business needs of our clients – regardless of timezone. This flexibility enables Capitol Assistants to provide businesses efficient, cost effective services with high quality results.

Here are just a few of the many benefits to be gained by the clients of Capitol Assistants:

Save Time:
• Minimal training required
• Flexible work hours allow you to stay on schedule

Save Money:
• No extra office space needed
• No additional equipment costs incurred
• No employee-related taxes, insurance, or benefits
• Only pay for the time and materials spent on your project

Grow Your Business:
• Capitol Assistants are professionals with substantial business experience
• You now have more time to focus on revenue generating activities
• Save money on overhead boosting your bottom line!

I invite you to visit us at to learn more about how we are revolutionizing the way small and medium size companies operate. Put us to work for you and watch your profits soar.
phone: 703-344-2160
toll free: 888-600-0068

Best of luck to one of our friends!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This is Different?

A different aspect of a tiny projector - and with speakers

This Miseal mini projection cube measures less than 3-inches per side, but it manages to create a 112-inch image within a 16-foot throwing distance.

The resolution is just 800×600 (SVGA), and its LED bulb only puts out 25 lumens of brightness at a measly contrast ratio of 100:1. Great for a booth, easy to travel with. Estimate street price of $435.00 - Wonder if this will hit the Office Supplies Channel?

Post Elephant Waste (PEW)

We found this an amusing article for the "Green" & "Carbon Footprint" people in the Office Products industry. An actually did a press release on elephant poo poo and what you can do with it.

CAMBRIDGE, MA, Jan 08, 2009 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- Eco-printed products company, Pixxlz is thinking of changing their tag line from "We Print Green" to "Our Product Is Crap." After much research and testing on their various eco-friendly printing presses, Pixxlz has found a paper that is not comprised of one single tree; it's made from elephant dung. "Not only is it fun to talk about," says Pixxlz President, Lindsey Burkhardt, "but it looks great too."
Aside from the paper's esthetic draw, the purchase of the Sri Lankan-based Mr. Ellie Pooh paper will prove to have a significantly lower carbon footprint than conventional paper, help a decades long conflict between farmers and elephants as well as boost the Sri Lankan economy and of course, save trees.

Affectionately dubbed, "Poohper," Mr. Ellie Pooh is a valued alternative to expensive hand-made papers and prints very well on Pixxlz' digital and soy ink presses. Currently available in an array of colors in various cover and card stocks, Pixxlz new paper is perfect for invitations, holiday cards and announcements.

There are no toxic chemicals used in the paper-making process, only basic bonding agents such as alum and rosin, along with water soluble salt dyes for coloring. Free of bleach and acids, no alkaline solutions are introduced during manufacturing. These handmade papers are of an ideal pH value for photography preservation: perfect for Pixxlz' new mini photo books.
Pixxlz also offers paper industry leader Mohawk's 30%-100% Post Consumer Waste (PCW) on every printed products order.

Made from 100% recycled materials and manufactured with renewable energy, these FSC certified, carbon neutral papers are a welcome addition to the green standards Pixxlz adheres to.
By offering a choice between 30%-100% Post Consumer Waste stock, Pixxlz' goal is to help educate the consumer as well as reduce costs because of increased orders. "There are very few [printed products] companies that offer 100% PCW paper," says Burkhardt. "We truly want our competition to jump on the band wagon and offer the same papers that we do. The supply and demand will drive the paper prices down while raising eco-consciousness."
Finally, consumers can choose between 30%-100% PCW on orders as small as 25 business cards to as many as 5,000 postcards.

Burkhardt jokes, "Pixxlz now offers stock made from 100% Post Consumer Waste (PCW) as well as Post Elephant Waste (PEW), but adds seriously, "of course the papers don't really smell."
No matter how you cut it, Pixxlz is trying to do their part to educate the consumer and offer the most innovative and eco-friendly paper stocks for their printed products. Says Burkhardt of her latest eco-find, "We've dung it again!"

Monday, February 9, 2009


Interested, Shoot us an email

Calculating Cost Per Print

Calculating Cost Per Page for Inkjet Printers

Monochrome: To calculate cost per black and and white page (i.e. text documents), you take the retail price of the inkjet cartridge and divide it by the inkjet cartridge’s page yield.

(Retail/YieldBlackCartridge) = CPC for Monochrome Printing

Color Printouts:
To print a color page, the printer typically uses all its cartridges, including the black cartridge. So we calculate cost per page for each of the color cartridges, add them all together, then combine that number with the black and white cost per page to get the final cost per color page.

(Retail/YieldCyanCartridge) + (Retail/YieldMagentaCartridge) + (Retail/YieldYellowCartridge) + (Retail/YieldBlackCartridge)) = CPC for Color Printing on an 8" x 11.5" letter size paper at a standard 5% coverage.

4x6 Photo Printouts: To print a photograph the majority of printouts are on a 4x6 piece of paper with an approximately 80% coverage. With the 4x6 photo paper size being close to 25% of a standard 8.5 x 11 letter size paper, we take the standard paper Color Printout CPC calculation, multiply it by 3.89, then multiply it by 80% for the coverage.

((((Retail/YieldCyanCartridge) + (Retail/YieldMagentaCartridge) + (Retail/YieldYellowCartridge) + (Retail/YieldBlackCartridge))*3.89)*.80) = CPC for 4x6 Photo Printing

Sunday, February 8, 2009

2008 Layoffs and Counting

Who wants to add to this list? How much bailout money did some of these companies get? And the government wants to add another 800+ BILLION?

Adobe Systems - 600
Advanced Micro Devices - 500
Akamai - 110
Alcoa - 15,200
American Airlines - 7,000
American Express - 7,000
AT&T - 12,000
Bank of America - 35,000
Bank of America - 928
Bank of America (Countrywide) - 7,500
Barclay’s - 400
Bennigan’s Restaurants - 9,300
Boeing - 800
British TeleCom - 10,000
Chrysler - 1,825
Circuit City - 7,305
Citigroup - 59,000
Credit Suisse - 5,300
Daimler Trucks - 2,100
Dell - 8,900
DHL (US Division) - 9,500
Dow Chemical - 5,000
Fidelity Investments - 4,000
General Motors - 19,000
GMAC - 5,000
Goldman Sachs 4,760
Google - 6,000-4,300
Hewlett Packard & Electronic Data Systems - 24,500
HSBC - 1,100
HSBC North American Holdings - 1,350
International Paper - 1,500-1,000
JP Morgan/Bear Stearns Acquisition - 9,160
JP Morgan/Washington Mutual Acquisition - 9,200
Lehman Brothers - 16,000
Lehman Brothers - 2,900
Lenovo - 1,250
Level 3 Communications - 450
Linens ‘n Things - 21,250
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics - 850
Macy’s - 960
Merrill Lynch - 5,650
Morgan Stanley - 4,100
NASA - 7,000
Nissan - 1,200
Nokia - 2,950
Nortel Networks - 2,100
Palm - 200
PepesiCo - 3,300
Reliance Group - 5,000
Siemens Enterprise Communications - 3,800
Sony (USA) - 8,000
Sprint Nextel - 4,000
Starbuck’s - 12,000
Sun Microsystems - 6,000
Texas Instruments - 650
University of Texas Medical Branch - 3,800
Wachovia - 11,250
Woolworths - 700
Yahoo! - 1,500-1,000

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Canon Printers Wireless Printers

Canon MX860 (3301B002) Wireless Office All-In-One Printer with 2.5" LCD & Built-in Two-sided Copying and Printing.

User Manuals for the Canon MX860
Estimated Retail - $199.00

The Canon MX860 use the following supplies:
PGI-220 Black Triple Pack
PGI-220 Black Ink Tank
CLI-221 Black Ink Tank
CLI-221 Cyan Ink Tank
CLI-221 Magenta Ink Tank
CLI-221 Yellow Ink Tank

Cost Per Print Monochrome - $0.0428
Cost Per Print Color - $0.1391
Cost Per Print Photograph - $0.4334
Canon MX330 (3300B002) Advanced Office All-In-One Printer with Fully-Integrated ADF & 1.8" LCD Screen.

User Manuals for the Canon MX330
Estimated Retail - $109.99

Use the following supplies
PG-210 XL Black Cartridge
PG-210 Black Cartridge
CL-211XL Color Cartridge
CL-211 Color Cartridge

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'll take the Cheaper One.

We have been poking around the Office Depot web store looking for unusual listings and prices.

We found a few -

We found the toner supplies for the Xerox Phaser 6250 have the same reorder number and yield, which are different prices.


So if you are looking for some discounted supplies at Office Depot, here are a few part numbers.

Xerox 106R00672

Xerox 106R00673
Xerox 106R00674

And take the cheaper ones.

Personally we think it is an honest mistake. Office Depot has bigger issues to fix than just a few SKU's that could be accidentally priced wrong.

Project Projector Version 2.0

One of our past posts of Project Projector, we mentioned that we have now cross referenced over 1,500 Projectors to Projector lamps.

Surprisingly, like the toner cartridge and ink jet industry there is a lot of cross compatibility of the bulbs to the projectors. But as we dive more into the category, we found other products for Projectors that needed cross referencing to these 1,500+ projectors.

With that being said, we have cross referenced Projector Mounts, both ceiling and wall mounts, Projector remote controls and projector screens, cables, lens for different throw distances and batteries for those portable projectors.

Check out the Projector Supplies Finder on

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Same Template

With all of the cost increase coming this year we noticed a similiar message. In each of the notices of cost increases from the manufacturers these had the same message - Due to Economic, conditions, environment, blah, blah blah....

From Lexmark
In response to challenging global economic conditions, Lexmark will announce a general supplies price increase of approximately five percent. This increase will be effective on January 19, 2009, and will apply to both MSRP and reseller prices.
From Epson
Due to the current global economic environment, we are facing increased manufacturing and delivery costs. Consequently, Epson America, Inc. is announcing price increases on select legacy ink and media products, effective February 1, 2009. The price changes will affect our Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), as well as the Reseller price. We will accept purchase orders for these products, at the current prices, until January 31, 2009.
From Hewlett Packard
As of January1st, 2009, HP is increasing the list prices on Inkjet cartridges, print heads, photo value packs and LaserJet supplies by approximately 5% on average. Actual price increases will vary by SKU. As part of HP’s normal portfolio management process, the company regularly reviews pricing for all its products and makes adjustments accordingly. The price increases are in response to challenging global economic conditions including currency volatility HP Inkjet cartridges, print heads, photo value packs and LaserJet supplies will continue to provide superior value, reliability and high-quality output. From pioneering the desktop printing industry to its new smart print supplies system.

From IBM

In response to challenging global economic conditions, there will be a price increase on the following Workgroup supplies.

Looks like all of the manufacturers are having a hard time making their numbers. How about a cost decrease to stimulate growth. Or are they just after the extra margin dollars?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Psst....We added OEM Numbers!

Again, don't tell anyone, but the Office Products Price Comparison Tool now searches the OEM numbers of Office Depot and Office Max. You can enter up to 10 OEM numbers (comma delimited) or their internal cryptic numbers and quickly compare all of the prices at once.

Highlight and Copy these OEM numbers:

TN570, C4129X, DR300, 51629A, 42127404, FX-4, C8061X, X644H01A, UG-5540

And paste them in the box on the Office Supply Comparison Tool page -

Presto - you have all of their prices in one screen shot.

Word of warning! There are over 2,000,000 records that it is searching, so it could take a few extra seconds to get the final results.

"K" Stands for Korean

Samsung Korea is rolling out a few wireless printers.

Specifications for the Samsung CLP-315WK

Specifications for the Samsung CLX-3175WK

With my limitation of the Korean language, all I can tell you is that these are wireless.