Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Project "Projector"

Projectors! Now, it might seem pretty simple to create a cross reference of projectors, but when you actually dive into this category it really gets more complicated than the Imaging Supplies category. Since we began maintaining a cross reference for the Imaging Supplies Industry we noticed a trend.

We've been asked to dive into other product categories. Our first task - Projectors. It seems that only a certain group of resellers have an interest in this category. Personally, I think the remanufacturer cartridge industry should get into this business also. But no one is really giving it the special attention it needs. So we are going to give it the same type of attention and thoroughness as we do for the Supplies Industry.

First, to replace burnt out Projector Lamps is an unexpected expense. Most projector lamps are $300 and up and there is never one in stock when you need it. And good luck finding out what the SKU number is from the manufacturer. And who really knows which manufacturer is making the lamp and chassis. When you get in the details of it Samsung makes lamps for Epson and Philips makes lamps for multiple projector manufacturers. Then to complicate things you have multiple manufacturers making compatible lamps.

Second, to pile on the complications of Projectors, there is a wide array of ancillary items, such as carrying cases, mounts, screens, remote controls and memory. Unlike the Imaging Supplies Industry which dictates “one SKU works with one set of machines”, projector accessories fit a wide variety of machines.

We feel our database is the most current of any for projectors with over 2,000 Projector Lamps, 4,000 Projector Models and 12,000+ Accessories just for Projectors – Not a bad start for a new category in a cross reference tool.

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