Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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Ricoh's Managed Print Services (MPS) helps all kinds of organizations simplify complex output environments and spend less on printing. Using a process-driven approach, Ricoh Professional Services lets you outsource a variety of print-related activities without giving up any control over speed, quality or performance.Continuous Improvement

Proven Management Process
MPS teams seamlessly deploy a four-part process to create a package of services that helps organizations reach critical business goals.

  • Assess: Provides current-state costs and workflow, plus device maps
  • Design: Recommends ways to improve productivity, TCO, sustainability and security
  • Implement: Executes the plan to realize these benefits
  • Manage: Achieve projected cost savings and productivity gains

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
Outsourcing all or part of print management with Ricoh MPS helps reveal hidden costs, identify savings opportunities and significantly reduce spending on output.

  • Remove underused devices and consolidate output among fewer centralized systems
  • Establish rules-based printing
  • Track output activity across the enterprise and pay one monthly charge for actual page counts

Promote Sustainability
From manufacturing practices and energy savings to regulatory compliance and recycling, Ricoh MPS helps you support sustainability.

  • Align with “green” initiatives
  • Add solutions that use materials resourcefully, control environmentally regulated substances and maintain air quality
  • Work with Ricoh, a recognized leader in environmental responsibility

Improve Workflow and Security
MPS print management experts make sure the print environment runs smoothly and protects confidential documents.

  • Analyze print volumes and workflow via remote monitoring and management
  • Reach optimal device-to-user ratios and minimum distance to device
  • Align the capacity of the fleet with actual volume
  • Use secure printing, file encryption, removable hard drives and other techniques
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