Friday, August 29, 2008

Class Action Lawsuit against Samsung

The law firm of Kabateck Brown Kellner, LLP filed a class action lawsuit against Samsung for rigging its printers and misleading consumers in its quest to sell as many costly and profitable toner cartridges.

According to the Marketwire article - "Samsung programs its printers to shut down and display a "toner empty" message when there is in fact a significant amount of toner still remaining in the toner cartridge. Users must install a new Samsung toner cartridge to resume using their printers, even though there is plenty of toner left in their old cartridge. Users cannot pursue the relatively cheaper options of refilling their old cartridges or using another company's cartridges -- Samsung employs "smart chip" technology to force consumers to use their cartridges.

Also there is an interesting link which gives the comparison of inkjet cartridge ink to other valuable liquids.

Whoever posts the second most expensive liquid by the end of September will win fifty bucks or a new cartridge.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Canon Portable Photo Printers

Canon U.S.A. announced two new additions to the popular SELPHY compact photo printer line: the SELPHY ES3 and SELPHY ES30. The Canon SELPHY ES3 will include one gigabyte of internal flash memory for storage of photos.

Featured in the new SELPHY ES3 Compact Photo Printer is the inclusion of internal flash memory which allows for images to be stored directly on the printer making sharing with friends and family even easier. You will no longer have to worry about uploading images from a memory card each time and can print out up to 1000 images on command.

A new wide-angle viewing 3.5-inch LCD monitor can be found on the Canon SELPHY ES3 while the SELPHY ES30 Compact Photo Printer comes equipped with a 3.0-inch high-resolution LCD monitor to make checking images in horizontal and vertical directions very easy to do.

Both the Canon SELPHY ES3 and SELPHY ES30 Compact Photo Printers have been designed with portability in mind. The newly designed carrying handle makes it easy for the printer to be carried from room to room. With the power adapter now being built into the printer's body, only the power cable needs to be connected to operate the printer. In addition to the integrated ink and paper cartridges found on previous SELPHY models, two new "Easy Photo Packs" are now available that can add a gold and/or silver effect on all your photographs.

The estimated selling price of the SELPHY ES3 Compact Photo Printer is $199.99, and $149.992 for the SELPHY ES30 Compact Photo Printer.

The supplies are the following:
E-P50 - Easy Photo Pack - 50 Prints Postcard
E-P100 - Easy Photo Pack - 100 Prints Postcard
E-C25L - Easy Photo Pack - 25 Prints Card Size Labels
E-P25BW - Easy Photo Pack - 25 Prints Postcard, Black & White
E-P20G - 4x6, 20 Sheets Gold Ink
E-P20S - 4x6, 20 Sheets Silver Ink
E-C25 - Easy Photo Pack - 25 Prints Card Size

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Epson new All-in-one Printers

Epson now has gotten into the multi-function printer business. While it has been a long time for Epson to get into this market, we are sure they will grab some marketshare from Hewlett Packard, Canon and Lexmark.

WORKFORCE 30 (C11CA19201) Retail $69.99
WORKFORCE 40 (C11CA27201) Retail $129.99
WORKFORCE 500 (C11CA40201) Retail $129.99
WORKFORCE 600 (C11CA18201) Retail $199.00

Most of these machines will be hitting retail store later this month and September.

Ricoh's Sales Force just got Bigger

NEW YORK (Associated Press) - IKON Office Solutions, which sells and leases copiers, printers and other office machines, has agreed to be bought by one of its suppliers, Ricoh Co. of Japan, for $1.62 billion.

The cash offer of $17.25 per share represents a 33 percent premium to IKON's average stock price for the last two months, the company said. IKON shares closed Tuesday at $15.56.

The deal will combine IKON's sales and service capabilities with Ricoh's engineering and manufacturing expertise, IKON said. It follows an "extensive review of our strategic opportunities," said IKON Chairman and Chief Executive Matthew Espe in a statement.

IKON also sells and leases equipment from other companies, including Canon Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co. It was not immediately clear if IKON will maintain its relationship with those companies.

The deal, which has been approved by the boards of both companies, is expected to close in the fourth quarter. As a subsidiary of Ricoh, IKON will keep its headquarters in Malvern, it said.

Separately, Ricoh said it will finance the deal with a mix of internal and external funding

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Epson Artisan 700/800

  • Print speeds up to 38 ppm monochrome
  • Prints photos in as fast as 10 seconds
  • Wi-Fi - built-in wired and wireless networking
  • Double-sided printing
  • Print directly onto ink jet printable CDs/DVDs
  • OCR to convert scanned documents into editable text
  • Individual ink cartridges — replace only the color of the one you run out of.

ARTISAN 800 (C11CA29201-O) - Retail $299.00

ARTISAN 700 (C11CA30201-O) - Retail $199.00












Monday, August 18, 2008

Vegas Baby!

We will be heading off to Las Vegas tomorrow for the World Expo 2008. We have a full schedule, but we will be talking with vendors and customers. We will come back with some interesting questions from both. So.....Stay tuned, and feel free to ask our opinion on the World Expo 2008 Recharger Expo.

Also, Space is limited, but we will be doing a training class on Search Engine Optimization, Pays Per Click and other ways to drive traffic to your website. So sign-up to attend AnswerCo's Class.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Canon could sell more Cameras?

My wife loved the old Canon Powershot Camera, until the latch that holds the battery broke. Now we have gone through many cameras since then, and none of the small pocket cameras match up to the first one we got. So she asked me which Canon cameras were the best now - the honest way is by the ones that sell the best. So after doing some research I found this nifty information about the top Canon products sold on Amazon. With us being in this industry, we were not surprised to see Canon Digital Cameras on the list, but what was on top of the list was surprising. Photo paper?

Top Selling Canon Products on AmazonPart NumberAmazon Rank
Canon PowerShot Pro Series S5 IS 8.0MP Digital Camera2077B00132
Canon PowerShot A460 5.0MP Digital Camera (Silver)1778B00131
Canon PowerShot A640 10MP Digital Camera1287B00129
Canon PowerShot A560 7.1MP Digital Camera1774B00128
Canon PowerShot SD800 IS 7.1MP Digital Elph Camera1270B00122
Canon Digital Rebel XT 8MP Digital SLR Camera0209B00317
Canon PowerShot A570IS 7.1MP Digital CameraA570IS16
Canon BCI-3e/BCI-6 Cartridges & Glossy Photo Paper Combo Pack4479A29214
Canon PowerShot SD1000 7.1MP Digital Camera (Black)1861B00113
Canon PowerShot SD1000 7.1MP Digital Camera (Silver)SD100011
Canon PowerShot Pro Series S3 IS 6MP1101B0015
Canon 4x6 Glossy Photo Paper Plus, 120 Sheets (PP-101)PP-1013

Now if Canon would make more than just one camera in pink (PowerShot SD1100 IS), they should sell a few more cameras. Or are they on allocation again?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Samsung ML 2245

The ML 2245 monochrome laser printer will get high productivity with high printing speed and duty cycle and low operating costs.

  • Print speed of 22 ppm
  • Duty cycle of up to 8000 pages per month
  • Resolution : Up to 1,200 x 600 dpi
  • 150-sheet Multi Purpose Tray, 1-sheet Manual Tray
Supplies for the Samsung ML 2245:

Samsung MLT-D106S Black Toner
Samsung MLT-R106 Drum Unit

Xerox Monster Printer

Xerox 650/1300™ Continuous Feed Printer is a monster of a printer. This one is capable of printing up to 300 ft. per minute.

This is the perfect machine to print those books and manuals economically with the finished look and feel that printers and publishers will expect.

With to many specs to cover - We will just give you the link for the spec sheet for the Xerox 650/1300™ Continuous Feed Printer. We have also enclosed a brochure of the Xerox printer.

I doubt I will see this machine in any normal size office. So what is your guess of the cost of this machine? 50K, 100K, 150K, 200K

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Optoma's website with new accessories

Optoma a provider of overhead projectors is now promoting the ancillary accessories for overheard projectors. These accessories include carrying cases, both soft and hard cases, ceiling and wall mounts, remote controls and specialty lens.

Optoma Carrying Cases - BK-Series of part numbers

Optoma Ceiling Mounts - BM-Series of part numbers

Optoma Remote Controls - BR-Series of part numbers

Optoma Lens Accessories - BX Series of part numbers

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ikon BP 3131CP Laser Printer

Some quick specs on this new laser printer offered from Ikon. Also comes with a one year warranty that covers parts and labor. Sorry not the printer supplies.

  • Resolution - Up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi
  • 31 ppm
  • Paper capacity to 1,750 sheets with two additional paper trays
  • Maximum paper size of 8.5” x 14”
  • First Copy Out Time of 10 seconds for monochrome
  • First Copy Out Time of 15 seconds for color
  • Standard automatic duplexing

Cross reference of the Ikon printer supplies.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Available in Pink Also!

Kodak came out with a few new cameras - Now my wife is happy, they come in pink..

Kodak Easyshare C613 - $79.95

  • 6.2 MP camera for prints up to 20 × 30 in. (50 × 76 cm)
  • 3X optical zoom lens
  • Digital image stabilization
  • 2.4 in. (6.1 cm) indoor/outdoor color display
  • Advanced video features
  • 16 scene and 3 color modes
Kodak Easyshare C513 - $69.95

  • 5.0 MP camera for prints up to 20 × 30 in. (50 × 76 cm)
  • 3X optical zoom lens
  • 2.4 in. (6.1 cm) color display
  • Digital image stabilization
  • Video with sound and print options
  • 13 scene and 3 color modes

Monday, August 11, 2008

New Canon multi-function photo printers

Canon introduced two new multifunction models, the PIXMA MP480 and PIXMA MP190 Photo All-In-One (AIO) printers.

  • Print speeds of up to 20 pages-per-minute (ppm) in monochrome
  • Print speeds of up to 16 pages-per-minute (ppm) in color
  • 1.8-inch TFT color LCD display
  • Auto Scan Mode
  • Optional Bluetooth wireless connection

The estimated selling price for the PIXMA MP480 Photo All-In-One is $99.99, and the BU-30 Bluetooth adapter has an estimated selling price of $49.99.
The Canon Pixma MP480 take the Canon PG-210, PG-210XL, CL-211 and CLI-211 cartridges.

  • Print speeds of up to 19 pages-per-minute (ppm) in monochrome
  • Print speeds of up to 15 pages-per-minute (ppm) in color
  • Monochrome resolution is 600 x 600 dpi
  • Photo color resolution is 4800 x 1200 dpi
The estimated selling price for the PIXMA MP190 Photo All-In-One is $69.99
The Canon Pixma MP190 take the Canon PG-30, PG-40, CL-31 and CL-41 ink cartridges.

How Early is to Early?

In a recent visit to a local hobby store this weekend, I went to pick up some model cement for my son's rocket. I was floored to what was displayed in over a quarter of the store, no less in front of the stores by the registers.

Everything on these aisles were perfectly placed on the shelf as if I was walking through the store after closing and ready for a photo shoot. Everything neatly faced, fully stocked and ready to sell.

Now take in consideration that this is the middle of August and what you would think is preparation for “Back to School Supplies". This was nothing related to "Office supplies" or "Back to School Supplies".

What I saw was aisles and aisles of Christmas decorations. Yes, Christmas, from decorative lights, ornaments, even a wide selection of Christmas trees in the middle of a Texas summer heat wave. Personally, my Christmas list is done in December.

So how early do you fill your Christmas list?

Friday, August 8, 2008

New Brother DCP-535, plus a few others

We recently saw some informal information regarding these new Brother machines -

Digital Copy/Printer Models numbers:
Brother DCP-165 C
Brother DCP-385 C
Brother DCP-585 CW

These machines most likely will take the same supplies as the Brother MFC-6490 CW.
We will post a spec sheet as soon as we find one.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hewlett Packard Cost Increase

Rumor has that HP will be increasing their retail pricing on the majority of their supplies on October 1st, 2008. With our previous experience, most distributors will be raising their prices on this same date and keep some of the extra profit - but a few might hold the lower costs for special customers for a limited amount of time as HP will normally cap the amount that you can purchase, so make your purchases wisely and quickly.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Dell Multi-Function Laser Printers

Three new color laser printer models were announce by Dell today. Each printer comes with a standard one-year Limited Hardware Warranty or one-year Limited On-Site repair service following phone or online Remote Diagnosis. High yield toner cartridges are offered for all three models. These toner cartridges deliver a cost per page that are is low as 1.4 cents for black-and-white and 9.4 cents for color on the Dell 3130cn. Total cost of ownership can be up to 22% lower than a competitive offering on Dell 2130cn.

Dell 2135cn Multifunction Color Laser Printer - The Dell 2135cn MFP is a new device for Small Business and Small Office/Home Office with low-mid volume usage. With print speed up to 12 pages per minute (ppm) color and 16ppm monochrome. Copying, scanning and faxing features.

Dell 2130cn Color Laser Printer - Will be hitting their website later on this year. The Dell 2130cn is targeted for the small and medium size businesses. High print speed of up to 16ppm color and up to 20ppm monochrome. Optional accessories such as duplexer, 250-sheet paper drawer, network protocol adapter and wireless printer adapter are also available.

Dell 3130cn Color Laser Printer available later this August, the Dell 3130cn is targeted to for small and medium businesses and larger workgroups. Print speed of up to 26ppm color and 31ppm monochrome and up to 70,000 pages maximum monthly duty cycle.

Supplies & cross reference for the Dell 2135cn Multi-function printer:

T102C Black Standard Yield Toner Cartridge
330-1385 Black Standard Yield Toner Cartridge
330-1389 Black High Yield Toner Cartridge
T106C Black High Yield Toner Cartridge
T103C Cyan Standard Yield Toner Cartridge
330-1386 Cyan Standard Yield Toner Cartridge
T107C Cyan High Yield Toner Cartridge
330-1390 Cyan High Yield Toner Cartridge
330-1388 Magenta Standard Yield Toner Cartridge
T105C Magenta Standard Yield Toner Cartridge
T109C Magenta High Yield Toner Cartridge
330-1392 Magenta High Yield Toner Cartridge
T104C Yellow Standard Yield Toner Cartridge
330-1387 Yellow Standard Yield Toner Cartridge
T108C Yellow High Yield Toner Cartridge
330-1391 Yellow High Yield Toner Cartridge

Pentax Optio S12

A pocket sized 12 mega-pixel camera with a 2.5 inch LCD screen and 3 X zoom is available in Silver and Black for around $279.95. Specification Sheet for the Pentax Optio S12

What's in the box?
  • Optio S12 (silver) (17021)
  • USB Cable I-USB7 (39551)
  • AV Cable I-AVC7(B) (39553)
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery D-LI68 (39635)
  • Battery Charge Cradle D-BC68(C)
  • AC Plug Cord (39477)
  • Strap O-ST20 (39195)
  • Software (TBA)
Note the Kodak 192 4059 will work in this digital camera and considerably cheaper.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

IBM Infoprint Printers

InfoPrint InfoPrint 75 and InfoPrint 100 continuous-forms production printers delivers:
  • 600 dots-per-inch (dpi) output
  • Autoloading, pin-feed paper path
  • Standard internal-powered output stacker
  • Small footprint: under 0.83 sq m (9 sq ft)
  • Standard PCL5e and optional PostScript 3
  • ENERGY STAR-compliant for efficient energy operation
  • Up to 154 letter-size 8.5- x 11-in 2-up impressions-per-minute on the InfoPrint 1001
  • Up to 116 letter-size 8.5- x 11-in 2-up impressions-per-minute on the InfoPrint 751
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Autoswitching datastream capability
Supplies always available from our friends at PFS Web.
Priority Fulfillment Services
500 North Central Expressway
Plano, TX 75074
Telephone: 888-IBM-PRINT (426-7746)

  • Black Toner - 45U1951
  • Developer - 45U1952
  • Roll Assembly - 45U1869
  • Roll Cleaner - 45U1955

Monday, August 4, 2008

AnswerCo introduces revenue-generating widget for bloggers

Through the syndication of AnswerCo's database, bloggers now have access to an office and computer supplies cross reference system that rivals the major big box retailers.

(Dallas, TX – August 4th, 2008) -, the Web site that provides office and computer supplies cross reference information at your fingertips, is introducing a new revenue stream for bloggers in the form of a widget that gives their readers a price comparison tool for Office & Computer Supplies.

The AnswerCo office and computer supplies widget is the largest product configurator for supplies associated to major manufacturer’s printers and other machines. This widget is designed specifically to increase conversions on product-focused blogs and Web sites.

Although this service can be used by anybody with a Web site or blog, it is especially geared towards bloggers who write about Printers, Copiers, Fax Machines, Projectors and Digital Cameras. When a reader clicks on the widget, and goes to Amazon’s Marketplace to make a purchase, the blogger will make a good portion of the commission. This is the perfect tool for bloggers that don’t have the programming background or the capability to offer 12,000 products from Amazon’s website in a price comparison tool.

The widget is easy to set up by placing place a link on your site, place in any anchor text link or choose from multiple graphics and links. The new Ink & Toner or Accessories widget is loaded with over 10,000 of the top office supplies from Amazon’s marketplace, and over 75,000 models from AnswerCo’s database.

"More people are turning to independent sources like blogs for honest product opinions and information” stated Bruce Capper president. “This cross-reference widget gives bloggers the capability to have thousands of products on their websites, thereby increasing commission to them personally.”

To sign-up and view a working Price Comparison & cross-reference tool for Office Supplies visit or call 214-ANSWERS for more information.

AnswerCo is part of the Computer and Office Supplies industry. Our service is maintaining a cross-referencing database of consumables to their respective machines and cross compatibility of these consumables for the Office Products Dealer and Computer Supplies specialist.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Office Supply Art at the DMA

This weekend we went to the the DMA (Dallas Museum of Art) to do an activity to stay cool from the record 107+ degree (ugh!) heat of Dallas. The first place we stopped was the "Kid's Section" and the first thing I saw was the Office Supply Art.

While these pictures might not be great, they do show you can make decorative wall art with paper, rubber bands, paper clips, and binder clips. Eight feet high of office supplies.

Thousands of Binder Clips:

And how many paper clips did they use for this?