Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rate It! Okidata Print Management Solution

OKI (Okidata) Managed Services offers an array of comprehensive managed print services created specifically for businesses. The OKI Print Management Program is designed to streamline your document output and increase your productivity by helping identify, improve and manage opportunities for efficiency in print document operation.

The OKI document output management program is flexible enough that its components can be contracted in full or in part, based on the corporations needs.

Phase I: Identify

To accurately assess document output environment, evaluate current and future output needs, expected output volume, floor plan and physical location of devices. Then, the OKI MPS program will evaluate your installation environment and legacy operating systems. Finally, OKI assess the established mission-critical applications that are integral to the business processes.

Phase II: Improve

This phase begins with the implementation of the OKI Print Management solutions that meets the businesses needs, including redeployment, application assistance or technology refreshes.

Phase III: Manage

Asset Management, is an integrated process that manages all aspects of each of the print document assets throughout each phase of its life cycle, earning a greater return on investment by reducing the total cost of ownership and improving productivity.

OKI's print management solution could save up to 30% on your printing costs. Many corporate decision makers underestimate what a Print Managed Services can actually achieve.

In fact, many businesses aren't even aware of the equipment they currently own or how it's being used. And even fewer are aware of their post-acquisition costs. That's why a Managed Services Solution from Okidata has been formulated to demonstrate that an efficient document output operation may save a business 10-to-30% on their printing and imaging output costs.

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