Thursday, February 26, 2009

M&M's and Office Supplies?

Now how would does what Mars Candy does with M&M's relate to printer supplies. Simple, expand your product offering. Mar's Candy is always introducing new ways to sell the same product or a derivative of the M&M. They have built the Las Vegas M&M Store, Green M&M's for Valentines, Red, White & Green M&M's for Christmas and now these tasty Premium M&M's.

Premium M&M's started to hit the market late 2008 with 5 different flavors - chocolate almond, mint chocolate, mocha, raspberry almond and triple chocolate (milk, dark, and white chocolate) and recently my sister-in-law got a whole case as a sample to test, and write about them on her blog,

It also made me think on how an toner remanufacturer can increase their sales. Add other products to sell to their existing customers. If the customer only buys toner cartridges from you, why not talk with the operations manager and try to get their data storage media business? Don't just stick with the one contact you normally sell to, find other people in the organization that also buy other products that are available through the typical distributor. It could be batteries, paper, mobile devices, warehouse equipment or other products.

Don't just stick with Toner & Inkjet cartridge. Don't be afraid to try something else.

Mars Candy is with Premium M&M's. They are introducing a new, but similar product and marketing it to a different type of customer.

By the way, these things are pretty good...

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  1. Those M&M's were tasty! So tasty I had to get them out of my house. I hope you guys are enjoying them! :)

    You're totally right about reaching across different channels to get more business, or sales, or whatever you're seeking. Great recommendation!


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