Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who is this - Ingram? Meridian? Lexmark?

Quote from their terms and conditions:

This web site located at URL http://www.Lextap.com ("this Site") and the internet commerce storefront contained within it (the "Online Store") is owned and operated by Meridian Enterprises Corporation, Inc, an independent third party service provider, under contract with Ingram Micro Inc. (collectively, "We" or "Us").

We found a new microsite on Lexmark's Store that only sells four toner cartridges.  Toner Advantage Program Ordering Website (TAPs for Short) .  Fullfilled by Ingram, produced by Meridian Enterprises Corporation.

Selling the following cartridges:
Part Number: EG460X11 - EG460N Extra High-Yield Printer Cartridge Return - $236.47
Part Number: EG460X21 - EG460N Extra High-Yield Printer Cartridge - $301.99
Part Number: TG654X11 - TG654DN Extra High-Yield Printer Cartridge Return - $410.82
Part Number: TG654X21 - TG654DN Extra High-Yield Printer Cartridge - $508.99

How nice that they are on Lexmark's website and Ingram does the pick, pack and ship.  Sweet deal.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Kindle Killer

Predictions are starting off right so far this year - A recent article about the Apple table PC and how it could be a Kindle Killer.  See our thoughts on the features the Apple Table PC might have.

From the AP National Writer Hillel Italie in New York and AP Technology Writer Rachel Metz in San Francisco contributed to this report.

"Enter Apple. The company won't comment on what it plans to unveil Wednesday in San Francisco, but it appears likely to be a tablet -- a one-piece computer with a big touch screen, probably larger than an iPhone but smaller than a laptop. While most attention has been paid to the device's possibilities as a Web-surfing and video-watching machine, a multipurpose tablet from Apple also could be the publishing industry's welcome challenger to the Kindle."

Will other magic will the Apple Tablet PC do?  Can it be my radar dector?  Any ideas?

Sharp MX-Series

Mahwah, NJ, January 21, 2010 -- Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA) today introduced the new MX-C400P and MX-B400P color and monochrome laser printers. Augmenting Sharp’s Frontier Series, these new workgroup printers provide dealers and end-users with an easy-to-use printer that provides a low total cost of ownership and a robust feature set. Based on the award-winning engine of its MFP counterparts, the MX-C400P and MX-B400P deliver speed and functionality in a single function product that can meet the output needs of mid-volume business workgroups with integration and networking features that make them extremely versatile.

The new MX Series printers are an extension of the award-winning A4 Frontier Series from Sharp. Engineered using a common architecture, the MX-C400P and MX-B400P employ the same engine, print controller, supplies and maintenance items, paper drawers and finishing items. These printers have been designed for workgroups with a monthly print volume of 5,000 to 8,000 pages and can yield up to four times more pages than traditional stand-alone units that employ mono-unit consumables, which are, ultimately, limited by toner yield.

“Because these new printers utilize the same engine as our Frontier MFPs, end-users who don’t need scanning and copying capabilities will still get the same powerful controller, output quality, throughput, paper handling, connectivity and security features, but at a fraction of the cost,” said Gary Bailer, Associate Director A4 MFPs, Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America. “These products provide our dealers with the ability to provide a full, end-to-end Frontier solution that will greatly reduce an end-user’s cost of ownership. By blending the cost per copy between fully-networked MFPs and printers, offices operate more efficiently and manage their document processing more effectively.”

Supplies MX-C400P:
MX-C40NTB Black Toner Cartridge

MX-C40NTC Cyan Toner Cartridge
MX-C40NTM Magenta Toner Cartridge
MX-C40NTY Yellow Toner Cartridge
MX-C40NVB Black Developer
MX-C40NVC Cyan Developer
MX-C40NVM Magenta Developer
MX-C40NVY Yellow Developer
MX-C40NRB Black Drum Cartridge
MX-C40NRS Color Drum Cartridge
MX-C31U1 Primary Transfer Belt Unit
MX-C31U2 Secondary Transfer Roller Unit
MX-C31FU1 Fusing Unit (120V)
MX-C31HB Toner Collection Container
MX-C31RT Feeding Roller Kit
MX-C31MR MF Feeding Roller Kit
MX-SCX1 Staple Cartridge (3 cartridges per carton)
Supplies MX-B400P:
MX-B40NT1 Black Toner Cartridge
MX-C40NVB Black Developer
MX-C40NRB Black Drum Cartridge
MX-B40U1 Primary Transfer Belt Unit
MX-C31U2 Secondary Transfer Roller Unit
MX-C31FU1 Fusing Unit (120V)
MX-B40HB Toner Collection Container
MX-C31RT Feeding Roller Kit
MX-C31MR MF Feeding Roller Kit
MX-SCX1 Staple Cartridge (3 cartridges per carton)

So what other Sharp Machines take these supplies?  Check our cross reference system for toner supplies.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Wanted This 3 Years Ago - Annotation

I am an avid user of Google Analytics and one of the biggest frustration is try to recall and explain a "blip" in the website traffic that happened a month ago, or even from a year ago. I am sure I was not the only person that has suggested to Google to add a annotation feature to it's Analytics. We have seen in multiple forums where Google Analytics users have not been able to use the feature. (Google's Beta Testers) Many forum posts are constantly asking how do they activate the feature. With no luck....

Yes, Google has rolled it out. Google Annotations in Google Analytics. At least it is on our account.

Annotations will allow you to be able to click on a date and leave a note describing an event or occurrence which happened on that individual day. These notes can be shared or set to private so only you can see them. Additionally they can ve flagged with special tags for easy reference.

The great thing about the shared notes is that other users who have access to that individual profile can view them.

This feature will allow you to keep a record of both internal and external factors which create activity on your site; this might include:
  • Website redesign
  • New product launch
  • New Customer activity
  • Server crash or power outage
  • Press release
  • Implementation of a social media campaign
  • Offline postage marketing campaogn
  • Print advertisements or TV Ads
  • Working with new SEO Firm
If you employ the service of a Search Engine Marketing Agency then Annotations could save you time as by simply updating the timeline in Analytics all users can access this data. This will also ensure that any surges or decline in sales can be attributed to the correct source of activity.

Often the reason why direct traffic has increased can be a complete mystery. An annotated timeline though will help to shed some light and provide some reasons behind visitor activity.

So how will you use the nifty tool from Google?  Post your ideas here....

Apple's New Tablet PC - Is this it?

We found what we think are pictures of the soon to be released Apple Table PC late January 2010.

Apple recently sent an email to media outlets saying "Come see our latest creation."
Could this be it? 
Let's speculate the new features for the Apple Tablet PC

  • Onboard keyboard for the Apple Tablet PC? 

  • On-screen mouse?

  • Digital TV Tuner?
  • 3G Wireless Connection?

  • Download App's from the Apple Store?

  • Integration with Google?

  • Will it have a decent Web Camera?

  • Certainly it will have wireless capabilities.

  • Streaming Videos and Music

  • Social interaction like multi-player games similiar to the X-Box?

  • Download iTunes 

  • How long will the battery last on the Apple Tablet Computer, six, seven hours? 

  • Will the Apple Tablet PC be the Kindle Killer? 

  • Will you be able to download books, newpapers and read at your leasure?

  • Will the Apple tablets have hand written reconigtion?

  • Will this be the ultimate mobile device?

And the fun stuff, what kind of cool accessories will be avaiable?

  • Binder Carrrying Case with a big smacking Apple logo on the front?

  • Docking Station?

  • Special Mobile Keyboard?

  • Additional batteries?

  • Every thing you can do on your iPhone, except make phone calls.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Canon, Cartridge 119

Canon introduced a new multi-function printer - From their press release

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., January 5, 2010 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in document imaging and advanced office solutions, today announced two new additions to its award-winning imageCLASS line-up – the imageCLASS MF5850dn and MF5880dn black-and-white laser multifunction printers (MFPs). These MFPs will enable IT administrators to better position small businesses and workgroups for short- and long-term growth, while delivering the exceptional quality and reliability of the imageCLASS line.

Specs of the Multi-Function machine from Canon's Press release

Further enhancing the capabilities of the new imageCLASS MF5800 Series, both models come bundled with an assortment of document management tools that help empower employees to be more productive. The fax forwarding mode allows a user to forward incoming fax and internet fax documents to an e-mail address, network folder or another fax numberI. Documents can be scanned directly to a USB flash drive in Canon's Hi-Compression PDF mode, which significantly reduces scanned file size while maintaining outstanding text and image quality. The MF5880dn adds advanced sending capabilities, allowing users to scan and send documents directly to an e-mail or network folder.

Both new imageCLASS machines offer all-mode auto-duplexing functionality and utilize Canon's On-Demand SURF (Surface Rapid Fusing) technology, which uses a linear ceramic heater that heats instantly for reduced energy consumption and fast warm-up speeds, resulting in first print and copy pages in approximately six and eight seconds, respectively. The imageCLASS MF5850dn and MF5880dn also boast print speeds of up to 30 pages-per-minute.

In addition, a 250-sheet cassette and a 50-sheet multipurpose tray come standard, while an optional 500-sheet cassette is also available. The new MF5800 Series utilizes Canon's Single Cartridge System, which requires customers to only replace one consumable, ensuring consistent imaging quality and reducing total cost of ownership.
We also found the Canon Mercury part numbers for the supplies, our conclusion is that but still takes the Canon Cartridge 119, Black Toner Cartridge. 
Japan part# 3479B004 (2,100 page yield ) 3480B004 (6,400 page yield)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sorry Kids, No Ink for You?

We thought this was to funny for a new member in the marketplace of selling supplies for their printers..

Mattel Sells Overpriced Barbie Printer, Forgets To Make Overpriced Refill Cartridges

By Laura Northrup on December 26, 2009 7:30 PM 10598 views Mattel's new "beautronics" device aimed at tween girls, the Barbie Nail Printer, is a glorified inkjet printer that customizes and prints designs on your fingernails. Neat idea in theory, though a bit pricey at $180. However, Mattel has apparently overlooked an essential part of the inkjet printer business model: selling new and overpriced cartridges. The problem, reader Richard writes, is that the company refuses to take orders for new cartridges, saying that they won't be available until next year. But I want pink leopard print fingernails now!

He writes:

“My daughter got a Barbie "Doll'd Up Nails" printer for Christmas. Its a cute device, exclusively sold through Toys R Us. It lets them print on their finger nails all sorts of designs. Only one problem, you can't buy the ink till next year! Mattel will only sell it to you if you call their 888-892-6123 and when you call to order it the customer service person said: "We are running low on supply so they wont let us take any orders or ship any until after the new year."

The Ink is $29.95 + shipping but they couldn't even quote the shipping price. So fair warning if you bought a Barbie nail printer ration your kids' fingers or they may wind up with a huge paperweight in the short term.

Oops - No Ink for the Kids

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Lexmark Laser

We found these printers, but nothing on Lexmark's site.

Lexmark XS Series Monochrome Laser Printers

Lexmark XS 860 E
Lexmark XS 862 E
Lexmark XS 864 E

Take these new printer supplies:

Lexmark Photoconduxtor Unit Kit, Lexmark Part Number: 19Z0023
Lexmark Black Toner Cartridge: 19Z0022

Check the page yields in the laser printer cross reference system.