Monday, February 9, 2009

Calculating Cost Per Print

Calculating Cost Per Page for Inkjet Printers

Monochrome: To calculate cost per black and and white page (i.e. text documents), you take the retail price of the inkjet cartridge and divide it by the inkjet cartridge’s page yield.

(Retail/YieldBlackCartridge) = CPC for Monochrome Printing

Color Printouts:
To print a color page, the printer typically uses all its cartridges, including the black cartridge. So we calculate cost per page for each of the color cartridges, add them all together, then combine that number with the black and white cost per page to get the final cost per color page.

(Retail/YieldCyanCartridge) + (Retail/YieldMagentaCartridge) + (Retail/YieldYellowCartridge) + (Retail/YieldBlackCartridge)) = CPC for Color Printing on an 8" x 11.5" letter size paper at a standard 5% coverage.

4x6 Photo Printouts: To print a photograph the majority of printouts are on a 4x6 piece of paper with an approximately 80% coverage. With the 4x6 photo paper size being close to 25% of a standard 8.5 x 11 letter size paper, we take the standard paper Color Printout CPC calculation, multiply it by 3.89, then multiply it by 80% for the coverage.

((((Retail/YieldCyanCartridge) + (Retail/YieldMagentaCartridge) + (Retail/YieldYellowCartridge) + (Retail/YieldBlackCartridge))*3.89)*.80) = CPC for 4x6 Photo Printing

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