Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Send a Frown or a Smile?

Microsoft has come out with Office 2010, their upgrade of Office 2007.  With interesting new features for the Beta Testers, "Send a Frown" or "Send a Smile"

If you are a basic user of Microsoft Office 2007, you probably won't notice much difference in Office 2010.  We will post our top new features from Microsoft Office 2010

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Brother International Corporation (Canada) Ltd, a leader in small and home-based office machines, today announced the launch of a new series of cost-effective color printers and all-in-ones, geared towards the Small and Medium sized Business market. The two new color printers (HL-3000 Series, Estimated Street Price from $349.99 - $399.99 Canadian) and the three new color all-in-ones (MFC-9000 Series, from Estimated Street Price $499.99 - $599.99 Canadian), bolster Brother's color line.

Check for the new supplies in the Complete Cross Reference for Brother Supplies

Friday, November 13, 2009

Interesting - Imation Earthwise Cartridges

Hey - Bob!  (Inside poke here)

We found these cartridge across the pond.  Looks like Imation is playing in a someone else's sandbox.  When will these cartridge hit the US distribution channel?  Imation Earthwise compatible cartridges are now going after Kyocera, Lexmark, Panasonic & Samsung laser printers.

Imation 24561 Lexmark Compatible T640 Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245619
Imation 24562 Lexmark Compatible E330 Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245626
Imation 24563 Lexmark Compatible T610 Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245633
Imation 24564 Lexmark Compatible T420 Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245640
Imation 24565 Lexmark Compatible T520 Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245657
Imation 24566 Lexmark Compatible T620 Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245664
Imation 24567 Lexmark Compatible T630 Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245671
Imation 24568 Lexmark Compatible T430 Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245688
Imation 24569 Kyocera Compatible FS1000 Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245695
Imation 24570 Kyocera Compatible FS1020D Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245701
Imation 24571 Kyocera Compatible FS1700 Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245718
Imation 24572 Kyocera Compatible FS1920 Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245725
Imation 24573 Kyocera Compatible FS3800 Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245732
Imation 24574 Kyocera Compatible FS3820N Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245749
Imation 24575 Kyocera Compatible FS720 Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245756
Imation 24576 Kyocera Compatible FS1030D Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245763
Imation 24577 Kyocera Compatible FS2000D Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245770
Imation 24578 Kyocera Compatible FS3900DN Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245787
Imation 24579 Kyocera Compatible FS6020 Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245794
Imation 24580 Panasonic Compatible UF585 Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245800
Imation 24581 Samsung Compatible ML1710 Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245817
Imation 24582 Samsung Compatible ML2250 Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245824
Imation 24583 Samsung Compatible SCX4216F Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245831
Imation 24584 Samsung Compatible ML1610 Toner Cartridge: UPC: 51122245848

Thursday, November 12, 2009

How Fast?

Dell today announced three new commercial workgroup printers to help businesses of all sizes increase productivity and lower their total cost of printing. Printers available today in the United States include the Dell 5130cdn, the world's fastest single function letter-size office color laser printer, the Dell 7130cdn, Dell's first LED color printer with tabloid-size printing capability; and the Dell 3330dn, a single-function monochrome laser printer for high performance black and white printing. 

The Dell 5130cdn can print up to 47 single-sided and up to 37 double-sided letter pages per minute (ppm) in both mono and color (actual print speeds will vary with use), making it the world's fastest letter size single-function office color laser printer. The 5130cdn also premiers ColorbyDell, a total print quality solution that delivers excellent color saturation and image sharpness and outstanding print quality. This is enabled through a combination of a powerful new image enhancement algorithm, advanced toner technology and improvements in print engine design. The Dell 5130cdn is also designed to bring significant energy and cost savings by using a new toner formulation that fuses at a lower temperature, enabling a remarkable Cost Per Page (CPP) of 1.04c for black and white and 7.71c for color print out. With a maximum duty cycle up to 110,000 pages a month, the Dell 5130cdn provides outstanding reliability and is available today in the US from $1,549 including 3 Year Next Business Day.

The Dell 7130cdn is Dell's first LED-based color printer with the ability to print up to tabloid-size, high quality Pantone approved color prints, for accurate color reproduction. With its ability to bring professional quality color printing in-house with low cost and outstanding printing options, the Dell 7130cdn includes a rich feature set, including numerous paper handling options, a powerful processor and robust memory. This allows the printer to print the first page (First Print Out Time) as quickly as 6.5 seconds in both mono and color. The Dell 7130cdn is available today in the US from $2,799.

On the black and white printing front, Dell announced the Dell 3330dn, a single-function black and white performance printer that can print up to 40 letter pages per minute (ppm) (actual print speed will vary with use), with a monthly duty cycle up to 80,000 pages. Built for high performance printing needs, the Dell 3330dn packs work-horse reliability, and has paper drawer and memory expansion options that grow with increasing business demands. The Dell 3330dn is currently available from today in the US from $599 with 1 year Advanced Exchange Service.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dell Inkjet Printers - Oops

Our guess there were problems getting these printers out in the market - only thing you see on the internet about these machines is problems adn techical support issues.

Don't expect these to hit the market anytime soon.

Dell All-in-One P513W

Dell All-in-One P713W
Dell All-in-One V313
Dell All-in-One V313W
Dell All-in-One V515W
Dell All-in-One V715W

See the Dell Support ticket for these machines.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Turnkey Website for Resellers to Sell Printing Supplies

So you want to build a website to sell inkjet cartridges and toner cartridges? 

It might sound easy to build a store for inkjet and printer supplies, but what if you are not a programmer or don’t have one on staff?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a complete turnkey website for a nominal fee?

Programming might be one of the hardest parts to making a custom website to sell inkjet and toner cartridges, but there are a few other tasks to think of when building a shopping cart for inkjet and toner cartridges.

•    How do you create the content to over 4,000 part numbers?
•    How do you find all of the pictures of the supplies you carry?
•    Have you thought about how to create a cross reference database of Models to their respective supplies?

If you have asked any of these questions, you need to read on!

Do you have the time to create all of the content?  Do you have the time to learn a program? 

Have you been trying to build one, and it has taking you weeks or months and you still haven’t gotten an order?

While you are creating the content and learning a program, are you losing online sales?

Would you like to have a web store that has a complete selection of OEM supplies and Compatible cartridges with pictures?

Would you like to have a shopping cart, where your can send the order to your supplier to drop ship on your behalf?

Will Google find my site for toner and inkjet supplies?

Would you like to have a web store up and running over a weekend?

All of these questions are answered in one solution – email now for more information.

Still have questions - Look at the 200+ features you can get for web store of inkjet and toner supplies.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Samsung Laser Printers

Samsung Color Laser Printer CLX-8540ND, must be an upgrade of the CLX-8340ND
Check out the toner supplies in the toner cartridge cross reference.

Also we found these new Samsung Color Laser Printers

CLP-620 ND
CLP-670 N
CLP-670 ND

Quick Specs for the Samsung CLP-620 Color Laser Printer

  • Printer type Color Laser
  • Output type Color
  • Print speed (b&w) 20 ppm
  • Print speed (color) 20 ppm
  • Max resolution (b&w) 9600 x 600 dpi
  • Max resolution (color) 9600 x 600 dpi
  • Port(s) / Connector(s) required (new) USB, Ethernet


We have the supplies for both Europe and the US market - Check the compatibility of the toner cartridges with a free trail in our cross reference for printer supplies.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Will Amazon will remove these cartridge from their marketplace?  Or are they going to keep on selling patent infringing cartridge?  Guess as long as Amazon make 15% commission on selling these cartridge and they don't actually sell the cartridge they will still stay.  Amazon just facilitates the transaction in their marketplace.

So do you sell supplies on Amazon?  So many resellers ask me how do you calculate the fees Amazon charges for selling on their market place.  Presto - a free download - An Amazon Fee Calculator

Hewlett Packard New Machines

We found a new sweet source for new Hewlett Packard machines. Here are the new top four Hewlett Packard Printers we found - plus many more in our cross reference for inkjet printers.

Hewlett Packard Deskjet 4500 Series
Deskjet 4580 - CB755B
Deskjet 4583 - CB755C

Hewlett Packard Ink Advantage All In One Machines
AIO K109A - CH367A
AIO K209A - CH368A

Hewlett Packard Deskjet 4200 Series
Deskjet F2410 (CB742A)
Deskjet F2418 (CB742D)
Deskjet F2420 (CB735A)
Deskjet F2423 (CB735C)
Deskjet F2430 (CB743A)
Deskjet F2440 (CB741A)
Deskjet F2476 (CB731A)
Deskjet F2480 (CB730A)
Deskjet F2483 (CB730C)
Deskjet F2488 (CB730D)
Deskjet F2492 (CB733B)
Deskjet F2493 (CB733C)

Hewlett Packard Color Laserjet CP4000 Series
Color Laserjet CP4025n (CC489A)
Color Laserjet CP4525dn (CC494A)
Color Laserjet CP4525n (CC493A)
Color Laserjet CP4525xh (CC495A)

Find the printer supplies for these machines - Try it for Free...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Amazon Profit Calculator Updated

Amazon has Reduced Referral Fees on Specific Product Groups.

Amazon is reducing the referral fees on specific groups of ASINs for initial 6-month test periods. Amazon is calling this a this competition or marketshare?

The product groups effected with these lower marketplace fees are:

  • Video Game Consoles the marketplace fees are going from 15% down to 8%, effective until Jan, 31, 2010
  • A new category - Wireless Antennas and Boosters the marketplace fees are going from 15% down to 12%, effective until April, 5, 2010

Download the ASIN that get these special promotion discounts.
Video Game Consoles
Wireless Antennas & Boosters

You can get the updated the Amazon Margin & Fee Calculator which reflects these changes.  Download the Amazon Margin Calculator, visit our Cool Tools