Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pssst! Don't Tell Anyone

Another feature we added for Office Supplies Price Comparison Tool.

Easily compare multiple items for the Big Box Office Supplies retailers Like Office Max, Office Depot and Staples. We added OEM Numbers to the cross reference search. Now it will cross reference their part numbers to each other. But that is not the latest upgrade to the Office Supplies Price Comparison Tool.

You can add this tool to your intranet or website for you or your customers to compare those price amongst those big box retailers. Absolutely Free! Yep, you saw that right, Free! What's the Catch? Absolutely Nothing!

Just copy the code from our My Office Supplies Price Comparison Tool and save as a html file.

You should get a box like this:


  1. Nice Article, But truly another way to save on office supplies is to seek out what your looking for and buy that item from a manufacture direct. This will save you big since you will not going have to then pay a retailers markup.

    Case in point-I was shopping for file folders and came across a company named AmericanFolder.Com They are an great source since unlike other that sell everything else AmericanFolder.Com just sell folders and the prices I found were very low, plus no matter the size of the order they will ship it for free.

    So Yes I agree that a superstore can save you time, but the money savings is seeking out manufactures that sell their items direct.

  2. Yes, buying direct can be a way to save. As long as the manufacturer has a good distribution system for those single orders.

    Thought - Has American Folder tried to cross reference their file folder part numbers to the bigbox office supplies retailers?


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