Monday, June 28, 2010

New IBM Printer

This is not your everyday printer.  This is more of a product printer that gobbles toner.

But if you need to order toner for this machine, they come by the case.  IBM 45U3169, Black Toner Cartridge.  Also this toner cartridge works in a few other models, like these:


What other supplies do these machines take?  We have added all of the supplies for a complete IBM Cross Reference List sign-up for our service.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Lego Printer Says "Hello World!"

Printer manufacturers stand up and take note! If a group of people can build a printer out of legos that takes supplies that don't send us to the poor house, then surely there's something you can do to decrease the world's printing costs!

So seriously, a group of people actually built a printer out of legos, the Lego Felt-Tip 110'. They used simple engineering and a low cost supply for ink...a felt tip pen. Legos are a big deal in our house, so when this little tid bit came to us we immediatly checked it out. If a group of people can do this, just think what the printer manufacturing "Gods" could do.

Friday, June 4, 2010

What is conversion rate? Especially for Computer Supplies.

So what is Prospect to Customer Conversion Rate? Prospect to Customer Conversion Rate is a good measuring tool to see if your visitors are buying or just window shopping. So how do you calculate the conversion rate? Take the number of visitors to one specific page divided by the number of orders you receive. Example: You had 1,000 visitors in one day to a specific page on your website and you got 15 orders that day. Divide 1000 by 15. That gives you a conversion rate of 1.50%

Why are we showing you this graph, not that we like to brag, but our conversion rates have been 20% plus, month after month, for over a year now.

Skeptics, can say - "Sure 10 visitors in a month, and two orders is an easy 20% to get." Well not true, we have a third party tracking conversion rates for this single page for over a year.

This single page is just out there, not Merchandised, No Marketing, No SEO, No Pay Per Click, just sitting out there. It gets an average of 400 visitors per month, which mean more than 100 orders per month. Average order size is about $100, which makes about $10,000 a month in revenue. Just from one page. Do you want a page that gets you a conversion rate of 20% or greater.

Contact us (info (@) answerco dot com) for an free evaluation of your Ink & Toner website, and let us show you how to get 20% conversion rates.

Just imagine what would happen if this web page was merchandised?  Imagine if projector lamps and batteries were added, not just toner and inkjet cartridges?