Wednesday, October 1, 2008

3M M Pro110 Tiny Portable Projector

3M has created a tiny projector engine that can easily be integrated into in portable hand held device. Roughly the size of a wireless earpiece, and less than half an inch thick.

So with that said, 3M has created the M Pro110 portable projector. These nifty little projectors will be hitting the distribution channel around October 15th. We have found one distributor taking back-orders on these projectors.

3M MPro110 isn’t the most feature-packed projector you’ll find on the market, but it’s almost certainly the smallest and lightest.

About the size of a chunky smartphone, this palm-sized projector can offer big screen movie action or giant-sized gaming in VGA resolution up to a maximum screen size of 50 inches.

And you can even do it in daylight, the LED lamp used to display images doesn’t even require a darkened room - just a screen or a large plain wall and you’re away.

Suggested Retail Price $399 - Street Price Estimate $359

Brochure and Accessories for the 3M MPro110 mini projector.

So who will be the first to put this projector engine in a cell phone?

Note: Don't confuse 3M with Imation compatible toner cartridges and their new Earthwise Toner Cartridges.

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