Sunday, April 19, 2009

OfficeMax Price Increases

Just a small list of prices that increased at your local OfficeMax Office Supplies Store. Interesting list of supplies.

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  1. Hey, if they can sell them for more, why not? If they don't make a profit, they don't stay in business, and we all have less options. (Hey, that makes me think about what the government take-over of health care will mean ... less options, thus more cost.) And maybe the original prices at Office Max were near, at, or below cost (such as door buster items or loss leaders). I'm not sure when it happened, but when most netbooks switched from the free Linux OS (typically Ubuntu) to Windows XP, they all went up about $100.00. Maybe that was why in that particular case ... they ran out of the Ubuntu models, and switched to the XP models. Anyway, they are a business, and have the right to set their prices; and we as consumers have the right to buy them, or refuse to buy them. As long as we maintain a free, capitalistic oriented economy, there will always be give and take in pricing. That's the way it should be. When we let the government set prices, we will see the same long lines, the same lack of resources, the same limited opportunities that were the dominant theme of the U.S.S.R. -- and we should all thank God that we are not there yet -- and pray that we never are.


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