Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rate It! Konica Minolta Print Management Service

Konica Minolta Print Management Solution

Konica Minolta's OPS optimizes business processes and manage your fleet of printers, copiers and MFP devices.

Konica Minolta's Optimized Print Services (OPS) Print management program gives you a customized solution by choosing from an array of support options that meet the specific needs of your business.

opt-WORKFLO is a fully customized solution that will assess your document and print environment, optimize your document workflow, and reduce maintenance costs to improve your document output. Reallocation of over/under utilized printer devices.

The "opt" suite of software utilities is the brain behind the scene to help optimize your business.

  • opt-MONITOR - Assesses your current printing environment, provides timely proactive maintenance and ongoing assessment & optimization.
  • opt-ANALYZE - Creates a cost-per-print plan that covers consumables and service
  • opt-VISUALIZE - Develops a roadmap to replace outdated or inefficient hardware.
  • opt-MANAGE - Gives your organization control of print routing.

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  1. Makes you wonder which of these manufacturers of Printers are just a reseller of a software platform with their name on it. Perplexing question, Do you call a manufacturer of Imaging devices which offer a Managed Print Solution to the end-user a VAR (Value Added Reseller)? It might just be way for them to play on all aspects of the copier and printer channel.

  2. Good question Bruce -

    It's the same ole argument, all of this software is pretty much designed to increase the number of manufacture units in the field - at the very least.

    And you know, that is PrintFleet, isn't it?


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