Thursday, February 19, 2009

Who is playing in Brother's sandbox?

Stumbled across a few new compatible cartridges and drums for Brother Supplies. Besides Xerox just playing in Hewlett Packard's sandbox, it looks like they are going after Brother International now. Besides Media Sciences, who is going to play in Xerox's sandbox. HP again? Will this make Brother go after Xerox?

Xerox Number Brother OEM Stated Yield
6R1415 TN350 2,500
6R1416 DR350 12,500
6R1417 TN550 3,500
6R1418 TN580 7,000
6R1419 DR520 25,000
6R1420 TN430 3,000
6R1421 TN460 6,000
6R1422 DR400 20,000
6R1423 TN540 3,500
6R1424 TN570 6,700
6R1425 DR510 20,000

We will send this info off to some of our friends at Brother and see what they have to say?

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  1. Slowly but surely, Xerox is going after other printer supplies markets with their compatible cartridges


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