Thursday, March 5, 2009

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TOSHIBA Managed Print Services Solutions

Effectively managing the use and allocation of your existing hardware, Toshiba Print management Program can reduce or even eliminate the need to buy new equipment. Simplified service contracts and lower printer consumable costs.

Toshiba’s Print Management Solution - PageSmart
The Cost-Per-Print Solution to Lowering Your Printing Costs

Toshiba’s Encompass PageSmart program is a way to manage your fleet and lower printer operating costs. Toshiba’s PageSmart Print management Solution features an innovative pay-as-you-print solution to printer toner, service, and management. The program covers all aspects of your printer. There’s no paying in advance for service fees or supplies that sit in storage. All toner, parts, and service are included in the simple fixed cost per page.

  • Multivendor Support - All printers are covered regardless of Manufacturer of make or model

Toshiba’s Print Management Solution – PrintSmart
The Single-Point solution to Managing Both Supplies and Service

Imagine saving money on your printer supplies and getting service included at no extra charge. With Toshiba’s Encompass PrintSmart program, you’ll get the printing supplies you need without the addi­tional expense of servicing your printing devices. Toshiba PrintSmart provides on-site service with your toner… at no additional cost.

  • Toshiba’s MPS program will inspect and tag each printer to get a current and accurate inventory, so you know where they are, who uses them, and their current condition
  • Toshiba will provide service for any printer under the contract, at no additional charge
  • Toshiba’s Managed Print Services will make recommendations by matching needs to usage patterns so you know which products provide the most efficiency by department
  • Print Toner, and Service, Included at Cost savings - ease of budgeting One Convenient Price
  • Reliable, On-site Service - No additional costs for service, minimizes equipment downtime and frees your IT staff
  • Multivendor Support - All printers are covered regardless of Manufacturer of make or model

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