Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rate It! 3rd Party Managed Print Solutions | printerRx

printerRx Managed Printing Solution


Output Management
  • Page Counts by printer, department & user
  • Monitor MS & USB attached printers
  • Monitors NT Print servers
  • Monitors Print by user
  • Tracks NT Print jobs
Printer Management
  • Auto-discovery of USB, parallel & serial, network printers & print servers tracks MFP impressions
  • Monitors all Device activities
  • Parallel-attached Printers
  • Groups printers for logical monitoring
  • Historical database maintained for years
  • Automatically locates printers
  • Online statistics (downtime, alerts, pages printed)
  • Monitors desktop printers (serial, parallel & network)

Alert Management
  • Receive SNMP alerts
  • Intelligent filtering of alerts
  • Automates responses to these events without user intervention
  • Notification of alerts via email
  • Standard notification options including paging, e-mail, and trouble tickets
  • Closes alerts
  • Highlights problem and down printers

Enterprise Printer Management
  • Forwards alerts to EMS (Tivoli, Unicenter,OpenView)
  • Scalable to Corporation with thousands of printers in many locations
  • Enterprise solution for corporate document strategy
  • Usage reports – who’s spending the most on printing
  • Single view of printer network with sorting & grouping
  • At-a-glance views of network, group, and device status

Cost of Printing
  • By print job
  • By user
  • By printer
  • Variable (consumables)
  • Fixed (asset, maintenance, floor space)
  • Downtime costs
  • Online viewing of costs
  • Track costs to devices
  • Track costs to users
  • Averages & standard deviations of printer yields for each consumable
  • Tracks user printing by pages printed, job lists, printers
  • Who is printing what, where & what it costs
  • Total Cost of print by printer & user

Asset Management
  • Printer inventory
  • Maintenance tracking & scheduling
  • Purchase Financials & Lease information
  • Printer Supplies Tracking
  • Vendor Tracking
Enterprise Planning
  • Printer usage reports
  • Printer problem graphs
  • Usage trend graphs

Complexity & Overhead
  • Easy to set up, install, and configure; Rapid deployment
  • Self-configuring & self-maintaining;
  • No costly rule-based structure to implement
  • Printer manufacturer & vendor independent
  • Software installed on desktops for monitoring USB printers
  • Software located on server
  • Minimal Software management Overhead
  • Minimal Network overhead
  • Not corporate critical (if sw goes down, printing is unaffected)
  • Complexity of install
  • Not tied to a hardware manufacturer or vendor

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