Wednesday, March 4, 2009

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The only Managed Print Service Solution that has a network of dealers to service accounts in territories outside your coverage area and product specialty. You can also sign-up to be a member of their Directory of Service Dealers - A simple way for dealers to generate new business.

MiraPage is a web-based tool which enables you to remotely collect and manage data from all types of print devices. MiraPage allows you to analyze printing and copying volumes, reduce and recover printing and copying costs.

* Web-based access to real-time data
* Monitor usage of Printer Supplies
* Collect and analyze meter readings
* Asset tracking of all print devices
* Ability to correct problematic formatter resets
* Automated network scans, and customize scan ranges
* Export data which can be saved and emailed in .csv format
* Plus other features

MiraPlus | Print Management & Monitoring Solution
The MiraPlus Print Management Program provides the dealer with complete account management flexibility; down to the individual print device. Whether it’s CPP (Cost per Print), CPD (Cost per Device), or Time-and-material (T&M) … This Print Management Program allows you to mix and match device management requirements based on customer expectations; all within the same account. It may be that some devices are managed under a CPP program and others under T&M; all decisions based on meeting customer needs.

Magic 1500
The Magic 1500 is a proprietary software appliance, developed by Miracom Network, that connects into an organization’s network, enabling the monitoring of that organization’s print devices. The Magic 1500 collects data on print devices connected to the network, including maintenance parameter and printer diagnostics data, such as toner usage, printer duty cycle, maintenance alerts, page counts, cartridge yields, and over two dozen other data attributes. The Magic 1500 is what automates the Miracom Solution.

(pronounced magical) is a downloadable plug-in that can work with either the Magic 1500 Network appliance or MagicSoft software remote monitoring solution. Its function is to expand the capabilities of network attached devices, and allow service providers to remotely monitor locally attached devices in their customers’ print environments.

Once downloaded and deployed, MagicL will discover all locally attached devices in the domain and send data back to the web application. It will allow the service provider to monitor locally attached devices and generate supporting tickets and page counts. Like the Magic 1500 and MagicSoft, MagicL allows the service provider to customize settings on the appliance, including polling intervals and what areas of the customer’s network to scan for locally attached devices.

ASP Model
A company who hosts, manages, and delivers their application via the Web is often referred to as an ASP (Application Service Provider), The ASP model is in contrast to the traditional you-buy-it, you-run-it model.

Miracom has designed its application for Web-delivery. We host the data and manage the application ourselves. Our technology and equipment is housed in colo facilities that guarantee 100 percent up-time. By employing the ASP model for solution delivery, Miracom provides its clients with access to an application solution without their needing to build and maintain a technology infrastructure.

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