Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Sharp Supplies

In our past posts about the Sharp MX-Series of printers coming out in January. We have started to see them hitting the streets.

A few days ago Sharp introduced the next model in its dynamic Frontier Series: the MX-B401. The MX-B401 is their first monochrome Multifunction Printer (MFP) in the Frontier family of A4 MFP products, and has been designed to blend simplicity with multi-tasking productivity and advanced functionality.

Spec Sheet for the Sharp MX-B401.

With the ability to print up to 40 black-and-white pages per minute, the MX-B401 provides crisp output with greater ease and efficiency. The MX-B401 includes hallmark Sharp features that bring its level of functionality to new levels, including an 8.5 inch (diagonal) W-VGA color touch panel display, the Sharp platform, and remote-access capabilities that can significantly reduce operating costs and downtime. For the complete press release, visit Sharp.

The Sharp MX-B401 MFP will be available exclusively via authorized Sharp dealers and direct sales.

We did find the supplies part number for the Sharp MX-B401 MFP.
The Black Toner Cartridge for the Sharp MX-B401 is Sharp MX-B40NT1, most likely the Master carton part number will be MX-B40MT1.

Anyone know how many come in a master case, or what the list price is for this toner cartridge?

We also found these supplies:
Sharp MX-C40NVB, Black Developer
Sharp MX-C40NRB, Black Drum Cartridge
Sharp MX-B40U1, Primary Transfer Belt Unit
Sharp MX-C31U2 Secondary Transfer Roller Unit
Sharp MX-C31FU1, Fuser Unit, 120V
Sharp MX-B40HB, Toner Waste Collection Container
Sharp MX-C31RT, Feeding Roller Kit
Sharp MX-C31MR, MF Feeding Roller Kit
Sharp MX-C31DF, DF Roller Kit
Sharp MX-SCX1, Staple Cartridge


  1. MX-B40NT1
    Toner Cartridge (Black)Estimated 10,000 Pages @ 5% Image Area
    MSRP $40

  2. $40 bucks, that is awfully cheap for a toner with 10,000 page yield. The other supplies must make up the difference? Don't hold out on us, tell us the other supplies retail...Please tell us

  3. I've seen it as low as $32 for a cart. And, no that's not too low. Business level printing is very very different. Average price per page B&W printing on a $5,000 printer is around 0.5 cents per page. Average price per page B&W on a consumer level printer is 4 cents per page. That's why consumer level printers are hundreds, and business level printers are thousands of dollars. The difference in speed, quality and volume ability is black and white (OUCH, sorry for the bad pun! :) )


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