Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rate It! Kyocera Mita Managed Print Services Solution

KMnet Admin
KMnet Admin is a web-based imaging device management solution designed to allow network administrators to monitor printers and other output devices on their network. KMnet Admin incorporates device management, print job management and device accounting in a single unified dashboard tracking solution.

KM-NET ADMIN is Kyocera's latest technology in Network Imaging Device Management,designed as a web-based console framework that incorporates a 'plug-in' type architecture for management purposes. Within this framework, any of these features and solutions can be added.
  • Network Device Management & Monitoring
  • Print Job Management
  • Device Accounting
  • Report Generation
KM-NET ADMIN allows Administrators to assign business rules based on their requirements, as well as provide access and security privileges to users. Multiple networks and sub-nets can be added in the Console Manager, with the ability to set an auto-discovery tool at varying intervals, ensuring complete device discovery and monitoring.

KM-NET Viewer
Kyocera's KM-NET Viewer is a PC-based Managed Print Service (MPS) software solution designed for the small to mid-sized business to assist in the monitoring and management of their imaging devices. KM-NET Viewer provides real-time data and delivers comprehensive information for all printers and other output devices.

Kyocera's KM-NET Viewer tool is designed to assist in the day-to-day task of Network Device Management. KM-NET Viewer is a stand-alone PC-based application, which can be installed on any Windows-compatible computer.

KM-NET VIEWER is an Administrative tool that provides a comprehensive monitoring solution for many environments.

Features include:
  • Device monitoring and status
  • Simple auto-discovery of new imaging devices
  • Report generation
  • SNMP communications
  • Device grouping by cost centers
  • Error & Notification settings
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