Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Job Well Done, You Tell Me?

In December last year we got a call from a customer overseas in need of a cross-reference solution for their website that sells ink and toner cartridges. After a few emails and phone calls at odd hours of the day for both of us, we agreed to take on the project. We scrambled night and day to complete their cross reference project in the time we had promised, which was less than a week.

Project done, complete, we felt that we over achieved our goals with this customer.

To our surprise we got a package in the mail about three weeks later. What could this be, we thought?

Usually a vendor (us) would send a customer a note of thanks for doing business with them, which we did. But I was floored and humbled when a customer sent us a note of thanks for the thoroughness and delivery of solution on the their due date. This note was more than a compliment on how thorough our content is for printer supplies. This came from thoughtfulness of their heart.

They had asked us how do we do it? Maintain this much data in such an orderly fashion? Our smirkish remark was "It takes us beer and scotch". We didn't think much of that comment, but this customer must of taken it to heart.

That package was a bottle of 18 year old MacAllan Cherry Wood Scotch with a note of appreciation for hard work done.

Cheers and many thanks - Jan

We will buy you a few drinks at the ITEX show.

One note, these guys at Crossprint, got their site fully functional, dual language and taking orders in less than two months. Very impressive IT project management and programming. You should see a good looking webstore for printer supplies.

Tell us what you think?

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