Friday, March 27, 2009

Rate It! Third Party Management Solutions | e-Automate

Some features of e-Automate

Automation of Managed Printer Service Tasks
Contract Expiration Notifier - Sends e-mail notification of contracts that are about to expire. Cool Feature

Warranty Expiration Notifier - notification of imaging devices with warranties about to expire giving you the capability to generate new contracts on equipment with nearly expired warranties

Invoice Collection Reminder - Sends e-mail notification of most important invoices prior to due date. Cool Feature

Customer Hold Status Notifier status based on credit limit and past due balance

Inventory Level Notifier - if an item drops below a set stock level

Inventory Transfer Request - Creates an inventory request to transfer items to each technician's bins

Past Due Service Call Notifier - past due service calls to service manager - Cool Feature
Accounts Recievable
Contact Management
AR Console
Customer History

Accounts Payable
Vendor Management
Vendor Invoices
Vendor History
General Ledger

Inventory Management

Mapping - integrated Microsoft's MapPoint® software with the e-automate system for tracking service technicians and generate service call routes. - Mileage tracking including automatic mileage calculation based on beginning and ending odometer readings. Cool Feature

Reporting Tools
Financial Report
Service Reports
Sales Reports
Inventory Reports

Service Management
Contract types - Deposit billed, Cost per Copy, Installation, by device
Basic Service Calls
Printer and Service repair dispatch
Service Call Management -

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