Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sorry Kids, No Ink for You?

We thought this was to funny for a new member in the marketplace of selling supplies for their printers..

Mattel Sells Overpriced Barbie Printer, Forgets To Make Overpriced Refill Cartridges

By Laura Northrup on December 26, 2009 7:30 PM 10598 views Mattel's new "beautronics" device aimed at tween girls, the Barbie Nail Printer, is a glorified inkjet printer that customizes and prints designs on your fingernails. Neat idea in theory, though a bit pricey at $180. However, Mattel has apparently overlooked an essential part of the inkjet printer business model: selling new and overpriced cartridges. The problem, reader Richard writes, is that the company refuses to take orders for new cartridges, saying that they won't be available until next year. But I want pink leopard print fingernails now!

He writes:

“My daughter got a Barbie "Doll'd Up Nails" printer for Christmas. Its a cute device, exclusively sold through Toys R Us. It lets them print on their finger nails all sorts of designs. Only one problem, you can't buy the ink till next year! Mattel will only sell it to you if you call their 888-892-6123 and when you call to order it the customer service person said: "We are running low on supply so they wont let us take any orders or ship any until after the new year."

The Ink is $29.95 + shipping but they couldn't even quote the shipping price. So fair warning if you bought a Barbie nail printer ration your kids' fingers or they may wind up with a huge paperweight in the short term.

Oops - No Ink for the Kids

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