Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Wanted This 3 Years Ago - Annotation

I am an avid user of Google Analytics and one of the biggest frustration is try to recall and explain a "blip" in the website traffic that happened a month ago, or even from a year ago. I am sure I was not the only person that has suggested to Google to add a annotation feature to it's Analytics. We have seen in multiple forums where Google Analytics users have not been able to use the feature. (Google's Beta Testers) Many forum posts are constantly asking how do they activate the feature. With no luck....

Yes, Google has rolled it out. Google Annotations in Google Analytics. At least it is on our account.

Annotations will allow you to be able to click on a date and leave a note describing an event or occurrence which happened on that individual day. These notes can be shared or set to private so only you can see them. Additionally they can ve flagged with special tags for easy reference.

The great thing about the shared notes is that other users who have access to that individual profile can view them.

This feature will allow you to keep a record of both internal and external factors which create activity on your site; this might include:
  • Website redesign
  • New product launch
  • New Customer activity
  • Server crash or power outage
  • Press release
  • Implementation of a social media campaign
  • Offline postage marketing campaogn
  • Print advertisements or TV Ads
  • Working with new SEO Firm
If you employ the service of a Search Engine Marketing Agency then Annotations could save you time as by simply updating the timeline in Analytics all users can access this data. This will also ensure that any surges or decline in sales can be attributed to the correct source of activity.

Often the reason why direct traffic has increased can be a complete mystery. An annotated timeline though will help to shed some light and provide some reasons behind visitor activity.

So how will you use the nifty tool from Google?  Post your ideas here....


  1. This annotation feature is a must in todays world as it can reduce the work totally by fifty percent. At least i can not do without it.

  2. Do you track your website or the servers that are backed up by StorageCraft?

    How does StorageCraft use Google Analytics Annotation?

  3. It is now January 24 and I find that only a handful of the sites in my large arsenal have this feature. Of course, it's not the ones that really need it. Still, I am glad Google is doing this!
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