Monday, January 25, 2010

Kindle Killer

Predictions are starting off right so far this year - A recent article about the Apple table PC and how it could be a Kindle Killer.  See our thoughts on the features the Apple Table PC might have.

From the AP National Writer Hillel Italie in New York and AP Technology Writer Rachel Metz in San Francisco contributed to this report.

"Enter Apple. The company won't comment on what it plans to unveil Wednesday in San Francisco, but it appears likely to be a tablet -- a one-piece computer with a big touch screen, probably larger than an iPhone but smaller than a laptop. While most attention has been paid to the device's possibilities as a Web-surfing and video-watching machine, a multipurpose tablet from Apple also could be the publishing industry's welcome challenger to the Kindle."

Will other magic will the Apple Tablet PC do?  Can it be my radar dector?  Any ideas?


  1. It won't be a Kindle killer. It'll be a "something" in a future iteration. But Apple didn't hit a homerun out the gate with this thing.

  2. I am sure they have something up their sleeve. Amazon getting it's hand forced from the publishers, it seems more publishers will be moving to Apple to get more money that what Amazon has been paying out.

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