Saturday, January 23, 2010

Apple's New Tablet PC - Is this it?

We found what we think are pictures of the soon to be released Apple Table PC late January 2010.

Apple recently sent an email to media outlets saying "Come see our latest creation."
Could this be it? 
Let's speculate the new features for the Apple Tablet PC

  • Onboard keyboard for the Apple Tablet PC? 

  • On-screen mouse?

  • Digital TV Tuner?
  • 3G Wireless Connection?

  • Download App's from the Apple Store?

  • Integration with Google?

  • Will it have a decent Web Camera?

  • Certainly it will have wireless capabilities.

  • Streaming Videos and Music

  • Social interaction like multi-player games similiar to the X-Box?

  • Download iTunes 

  • How long will the battery last on the Apple Tablet Computer, six, seven hours? 

  • Will the Apple Tablet PC be the Kindle Killer? 

  • Will you be able to download books, newpapers and read at your leasure?

  • Will the Apple tablets have hand written reconigtion?

  • Will this be the ultimate mobile device?

And the fun stuff, what kind of cool accessories will be avaiable?

  • Binder Carrrying Case with a big smacking Apple logo on the front?

  • Docking Station?

  • Special Mobile Keyboard?

  • Additional batteries?

  • Every thing you can do on your iPhone, except make phone calls.

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