Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's a SkyDrive?

Microsoft Office 2010 has a couple of new features that can be very useful. New "Save As" functions. The first "Save As", now you can save a file as a PDF file. But the best feature is Microsoft's Cloud computing, which is called SkyDrive.

From Microsoft site:

Well, as file sizes have grown, so have the options for file storage. You can use a USB flash drive to store large files, and take them with you, but flash drives can be lost or damaged just like an old floppy. Luckily, Windows Live SkyDrive solves these problems. It's like a flash drive on the Internet. This storage solution is a lot harder to damage than the flash drive lying around your desk or getting crushed in your bag, and you can't forget it at the office or lose it. Plus, it's free!

When you store your files on SkyDrive, you can access them from virtually anywhere. It's a fast and easy way to work on a file both from home and at work, without transporting it back and forth. You can also sign in to SkyDrive from a friend's computer, or at an Internet café or library, and work with your files.

Imagine taking a trip to your mom's house and being able to show her your favorite photos (up to 25 GB). You can save all the photos she wants on her computer for her, or you can set up a special shared folder just for the two of you to swap future photos in. To access the files, she just needs a Windows Live ID.

With SkyDrive, you can create three different types of folders that can be accessed from the Internet (these folders are stored on a server that is managed by Microsoft):

•Personal folders that can be accessed only by you.

•Shared folders that you can set up to be accessed by the people you want to share your files with.

•Public folders that anyone on the Internet can access.

How perfect, special permissions on who can see what files, work from a different computers, and best yet easily transfer large files with out having to zip and send by email.

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