Wednesday, December 23, 2009

3M MPro130 in April 2010?

We travel far and wide through the rumour mill of new Office Products.  We speculate and have heard through the grapevive that the future release of the 3M M Pro130 will have a few new features.  One being that you will see the addition of a SD memory card slot.  Now you will be able to load your presentation on the SD memory card and carry your new 3M M Pro130 projector all in one device.  Yep, no Laptop or Netbook neccessary. How simple is that!  Additional feature number two for the 3M MPro130, longer battery life, a must for those all day trade shows or the road warrior that is doing multiple sales presentations in a day.  We are not too sure about this last feature, but what if the 3M MPro 130 projector could hook up to your Apple iPhone or Google Android phone.  A phone that can do your presentation also?  What's next?

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