Monday, December 7, 2009

What do all those letters mean?

Hewlett Packard always puts those funny little letters after a Model number.  But what do they all mean.  Plus there are a few new funny letters that have popped up on some recently announced models.

So we put a cross-reference together of the abbreviations that come after the Hewlett Packard Model Numbers

xm = Duplex, Extra tray, Network and Mailbox
b = Battery
bt = Bluetooth
bm = Book Maker
d = Duplex
dt = Duplex and Extra Tray
dn = Duplex and Network
dtn = Duplex, Extra Tray and Network (Now "x")
× = Duplex, Extra Tray and Network (Formerly dtn)
xh = Duplex, Extra Tray, Network and Hard Disk
xs = Duplex, Extra Tray, Network and Stacker
xsk = Duplex, extra tray, network and stapler/stacker
t = Extra Tray
f = Fax
r = Folder
h = Hard Disk
i = Imaging (Card Slots)
m = Mailbox
n = Network
ps = Postscript
s = Stacker
sk = Stapler and Stacker
tn = Tray and Networking
a = Warranty (for regional use)
wf = Wi­Fi
y = Wildcard (for regional use)
wbt = Wireless & Bluetooth
nw = Wireless Network

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