Friday, August 28, 2009

PayPal Fee Calculator

Most of the online calculators for calculating the fees for Paypal service charges you can do only one total order at at a time. Time consuming! Especially if you have hundreds of imaging supply orders and need to calculate your PayPal fees per order.

How about calculating the margin you need, plus PayPal's service fees to calculate your selling price.

Have you ever thought, "I wish I had a PayPal Fee & Profit calculator in Excel that would calculate my price with the PayPal Fees."

Or, "I wish I could calculate my selling price by a margin percentage or GP dollars with PayPal service fees?"

PayPal Pricing Calculator in an Excel worksheet and we put it on a web page. Just enter your selling information, select your level, and Abracadabra! You have hundreds of your Service fees from PayPal at once.

Best yet, now you can calculate your selling price to the profit margin that best suits your business model needs for compatible toner cartridges or OEM cartridges.

Need to sell Compatible printer supplies at a 25% margin to cover your costs? This PayPal Profit & Pricing Calculator will show you the lowest prices that you should sell your products and cover those PayPal Fees.

Finally figure out those PayPal Service Fees. Now you can bookmark (Control "B") this PayPal calculator webpage to calculate your selling prices.

By the way it is free along with our other Cool Tools like the Office Supplies Price Comparison Tool and the Amazon Marketplace Price Calculator.

Just a few free tools for selling products to help you out.

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