Thursday, August 27, 2009

NuKote Cross Reference on Steroids

Are you feeling the affects of Nu-Kote International’s Bankruptcy? It affected one large internet retailer and they stopped by our booth at the World Expo this year. Their comments and questions were, “Nu-Kote has a cross reference guide for ribbons, toners and inkjet cartridge, but it only covers the imaging supplies that they carry, can you help us out with the other products we carry? Do you cross reference other high margin supplies and accessories? What about paper rolls for receipt printers? What about a cross reference for batteries? Do you solution have a memory cross reference? Do you have a projector cross reference for lamps and lenses?”

Simple answer, “Yes to all of the above, plus more!”

The Nu-Kote cross reference service for Imaging Supplies has sufficed for many years, but as manufacturers and distributors expand their product lines and add more depth to their SKU offerings, businesses need a Nu-Kote-like cross-reference on steroids with a shot of B12.

Most internet resellers think they get a cross reference for free from Nu-Kote; that’s not quite true. If you sell any Nu-Kote product they are make a margin from the sales you just got! What do you think that margin is? It’s anyone’s guess.

Simply put, if an internet retailer can lower the cost of goods plus the expense of using a third party cross reference system then that results in more GP dollars.

Simple, but true….this large internet reseller stopped by our booth last year before the Nu-Kote’s bankruptcy filing. This year that same large internet reseller came by our booth to say “thanks”. They are realizing better conversion rates, more sales of the higher margin products and more GP dollars.

Let AnswerCo do the same for you!

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