Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Buying Guide Fax Machine Features

Fax Machine Buying Guide - More Fax Machine Features to Consider:

Modem Speed is an important consideration if your fax volume is high and it is important to free up the phone line as quickly as possible.

Paper Capacity: The higher the paper capacity, the less often you have to reload paper. This is especially important if you tend to receive high volumes of faxes after hours and want to avoid out-of-paper situations. Higher performance machines may come with dual paper trays or the option to add a second tray, enabling them to handle higher volume applications or to load letter paper in one tray and legal in the other.

Auto Dialing & Broadcasting Auto dialing: This feature enables you to store fax numbers in the machine for easy retrieval and helps eliminate misdialed numbers. Broadcasting lets you scan a fax into memory just once, and then send it to multiple locations.

Fax Security: Higher performance models may offer additional security features such as password controlled access and memory backup in the event of power outages.

Fax Memory: enables a fax machine to store incoming or outgoing fax pages. The amount of memory required to hold a page depends on the density of print on the page. Consider a model with a large memory capacity and dual-access capability for use in departmental or multi-user environments.

Fax Volume Cost per page: This feature has become increasingly important simply because incoming fax volume has increased over the years as marketing strategies have evolved. Laser models with high-yield consumables may offer a lower total cost of ownership than lower cost inkjet or ribbon transfer models that have a higher cost per page.

PC Connectivity & Networking: Consider models with built-in PC interfaces if you want to make a safe investment in a machine that will be capable of addressing changing application requirements. Higher performance models also provide the capability of supporting multiple users on a network.

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