Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fax Machine Buying Guide

Fax machines come in all sizes and prices to fit any workplace. When considering which model to choose for your office you need to think about your office’s fax volume, paper handling requirements, special applications and how much you’re willing to spend on the total cost of ownership. Additionally, most now double as convenience copiers.

Different Fax Machine Technologies: How are they best used?:

Laser Technology Fax machines are based on the same technology as laser printers. They produce excellent quality text and graphics and typically have a lower cost per page. Laser fax machines are best suited for mid- to large-size offices where a wider range of high-performance features are required. You might even want to consider using a Multi-Function Machine.
  • Businesses, High Usage and Low Cost-per-page.
  • Manufacturers: Brother, Canon, Panasonic, Xerox, Konica, Okidata
Inkjet Technology Fax machines, just like inkjet printers, the initial purchase of these machines are in the mid-range level and offer high value and superior output quality. The more versatile models feature full-color capability for faxing, copying and sometimes even printing. They are ideal for home and small office use as well as low volume departmental and corporate environments where their color copying capability represents a significant added value.
  • Desktop, Small Office, Store Front, Expensive Cost Per Page, Capability to Print
  • Manufacturers – Brother, Canon, Hewlett Packard
Ribbon Transfer Technology Fax machines offer the lowest acquisition cost but usually have a higher cost per page than any other model. They provide convenience and ease of use and come packaged with pre-assembled print cartridges. They are ideal for light-volume faxing or copying .
  • Desktop, Small Office, Store Front, Expensive Cost Per Page Limited Printing capabilities
  • Manufacturers – Brother, Panasonic, Sharp
We will be putting up a post of Fax Machine and Multi-function printer features for the next buying guide.

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