Sunday, May 17, 2009

So which is it? Qube or Cube?

Xerox just recently released the Color Qube Inkstick printer which is pretty fast printer and supposedly has a low cost TCO.

But we still have a hard time understanding their marketing. So what is the real name of this new Xerox printer?

We have found both names on the Xerox website, Xerox ColorCube and Xerox ColorQube.

With "Google Suggest" for the keywords "Xerox Color Qube", you get this:

Did you mean: Xerox Color Cube

But on the flip-side, for the keywords, "Xerox Color Cube" Xerox is paying for this keyword in their Google AdWords.

Now the real confusing part of this, the spec page of Xerox's web site for these printers, they call these new machines ColorQube.

At the same time on Xerox's website, they are running a sweepstakes for the Color Qube, the page with official rules for the sweepstake, has Color Cube with the trademark.

Our Guess is ColorQube......not ColorCube


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  2. When is the ColorQube 9200 available in Australia
    and if so where.

  3. Being it that you are in Australia and a day ahead of me, I think you would find out before me - Do you have my lottery numbers.


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