Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Projectors

The following Projectors have been added to our "Project Projector" A complete list of projectors with all of their ancillary supplies and accessories. We have add Remote Controls, Ceiling Mounts, Power Cables, Lens and Projector Lamps to the following new Projectors.

Also we have created a Projector Supplies Finder tool for websites that carry Projector Accessories. Try it out, and tell us your thoughts...

Ben-Q MP724

Ben-Q MP727

Canon LV-7370

Canon LV-7375

Canon LV-8300

Canon Realis SX800

Casio XJ-SC210

Casio XJ-SC215

Hitachi CP-A52

Hitachi CP-SX635

In-Focus IN3104EP

In-Focus IN3108

Mitsubishi WD500U-ST

Mitsubishi WD510U

Mitsubishi WL2650U

Mitsubishi XD221U


Optoma EP709

Sharp PG-D3750W

Sharp PG-D4010X

Sharp PG-F255W

Sharp PG-F267X

Sony VPL-FE40L

Sony VPL-FX41

Sony VPL-FX41L

Toshiba TDP-WX5400U

Toshiba TLP-WX100

Viewsonic PJD5351

Viewsonic PJD6240

Viewsonic PJL3211

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