Thursday, May 7, 2009

How do you actually calculate page coverage for Inkjet Printers?

It can be a complicated task to calculate printing costs, much less to calculate the coverage on ink on a page unless you utilize technology. There are sample copies of pages with estimated page coverage to calculate page yield. But they all vary in colors, text and pictures, but do they actual mimic what your actual business printing needs?

Typically a manufacturer of printer inkjet cartridge estimates the page yield of 5%. Do you actually think this is in the real world? How about those PowerPoint presentation you printed. Most presentations page coverage is about 75%. How about those photos you print, print coverage can be up to 90%, granted most are on a 4 X 6 instead of an 8.5 X 11 paper.

Do the math here for a presentation printout - 75% compared to the 5% that a manufacturer leads you to believe. Your costs per print, just went up dramatically.

So we have found the perfect tool to try and estimate your actual page coverage as your are ready to print. Download the inkjet printing cost estimator software here. It's free to try. No Spyware, no Pop-ups, no Trojans....

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