Saturday, November 8, 2008

Have you ever been first?

I woke up Saturday around 6:00 am thinking about a computer supplies cross reference project that has to be done this weekend. So what is the first thing I did.... Check my email. (Big Mistake). After reading about 50 junk emails, I came across on of my Google alerts about a new product. So curiosity got to me, so I had to check it out.

Now out of respect for your security, I won't mention the URL, but soon as I visited the site, my computer started acting funny. Virus warnings go off, Windows Defender going off, pop-up advertisements, pop-unders, an advertisments for Domino's Pizza and access to my computer becomes limited.

I feel victim to this link and website. A Virus is now on my computer system. "Thanks Google" for directing me to this site.

Tensions were running high through the household, especially for a Saturday. Later on the evening I decided to take on the virus on my computer. WRONG.....After tinckering with McAfee and other virus protection programs, NOTHING but frustration. My computer was still acting like crap.

So I decided to call McAfee to see if they could help. I purchased the Platnium package which a techincal support rep remove the virues. Could this be the solution?

After talking to the tech rep at McAfee for three hours, he told me at 9:30 pm "Looks like you are the first one with this virus and we just got notified of this virus five minutes ago. We will have to call you back in 24 to 48 hours for a solution."

By the way, the name of the virus is "clicker.winfree2" virus. The clicker.winfree2 virus is nasty. It will shut down your network connections, disable all of your virus dection software and overload your computer. Basically the clicker.winfree2 virus is nasty.

But at least I know Domino's is part of cheap virus advertising.

Soon as I get this fixed I will post a link to the clicker.winfree2 virus solution.

Fixed - five hours later on the phone with McAfee it is fixed - What a relief. Now is the time to back-up. So when was the last time you backed up your system?

I found this cool "One Touch 500GB back-up system" by Calvary. It is a 500GB USB back-up device, and best yet, less than $90.00. Well worth the money.

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