Thursday, November 6, 2008

Extending the Life of a Projector Lamp

These are simple and common sense tips to extend the life of a projector lamp.

During the use of a Projector
Keep the projector air filters clean. Clogged filters and/ or vents will not vent heat properly, and can cause the projector lamp to overheat and fail.

Do not place anything on top of the projector or in front of the intake or exhaust vents. This will cause the lamp to overheat and fail.

Some projectors now offer "low lamp" or "economy mode" options. Use them whenever possible. These options have been developed to extend lamp life.

Turning off a projector
Do not unplug the projector until the lamp has properly cooled. After the projector has been shut off, the fan will remain on for about 5 minutes. This aids in cooling the lamp evenly and completely and decreases the chance of early lamp failure.

Hot projector lamps are very fragile. Only move the projector after the lamp has completely cooled. The shock and vibration while in travel to a hot projector lamp may cause the lamp filament or the bulb itself to break.

Do not turn the projector on and off frequently during presentations. Each time the projector is switched on, the inrush of power causes stress on the lamp filament. Try to minimize on/ off cycles.

Replacing a Projector Lamp
Handle the lamp with gloves. Oils and deposits from hands and fingers can cause hot spots, which may result in early projector lamp failure.

When you replace the lamp housing, make sure the new housing is seated completely. Apply pressure at the base of the housing until it is completely secure.

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