Saturday, November 1, 2008

Color Printer Supplies the same as Monochrome?

I remember the days when selling the Canon SX toner cartridge and Hewlett Packard 9225A toners was the hottest printer supply to sell.

One of the basic reasons that so many of these toner cartridges were sold, was what the Canon SX Engine was a workhorse of a printer. The second reason, it was one of the first monochrome laser printers priced below $1,000 and perfect for the typical business office. It was the perfect laser printer for business and desktop publishing printing and had better resolution than inkjet printing.

Now move forward to 2008, Color Laser Printers. Color laser printers are some of the hottest printers in production now, and for the manufacture than can get the cost of the supplies down to the cost of monochrome supplies they most likely will be the winner in the Color Laser Printer market. After reading an article from 2007, Jim Rise, the vice president of the Solid Ink Business Unit, thoughtfully said, “Could we price color prints at the same price as black & white prints?”

It is a simple goal.

Will Xerox hit the market first?

What other printer manufacture have this simple goal?

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