Monday, March 15, 2010

Who Makes the Toner for Earthwise?

We have been getting alot of requests asking who is making the toner for Imation Earthwise Compatible Toner cartridges.  The answer is?:
  • Mitsubishi Kagaku Imaging Corporation
  • Royal Precision Technology Co., LTD
  • Future Graphics
  • Static Control Component
We do know that Static Control and Future Graphics outsource the manufacturing of bulk toner.  So, who is assembling the cartridge, we don't know, maybe Bob will give us a hint?


  1. The answer is Royal Precision Technology Co., Imex Co., Mitsubishi Kagaku Imaging Corporation and probably many others.

    You can find out who makes which toner specifically by looking at the MSDS sheets.

  2. You can get a copy of the actual court documents that Hewlett Packard submitted on this Office Supplies Blog.

    Well Greg, you are correct. I see that you are an industry veteran for Office Supplies and such. Nice blog with great tips about Office Supplies in St. Louis, Missouri.  I hope you enjoy the link juice....?  People who had been searching about Imation Earthwise Toner and landing on our blog about office supplies, the number one question we see in the Analytics was, "Who makes the toners for Imation Earthwise?"... We stumbled across the information, since we maintain a MSDS library for inkjet and laser printer supplies matched.  All of these MSDS sheets are matched up to their respective part number, then matched up to their respective printer models.


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