Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lexmark’s “The Moolah Sucker” – 14N0822

Have you seen Lexmark’s recently launched ink monster commercial called “The Moolah Sucker”?

It’s some of the best advertising they’ve done lately! It features this little ink monster running around leaving black ink footprints everywhere he goes. The little guy is actually cute!  It’s like watching the Tasmanian Devil run around, leaving a mess everywhere he goes.

Lexmark’s attempt to catch the attention of everyone from the typical office worker to a stay at home mom might just work with this one commercial. Not just because the The Moolah Sucker is so cute, but because the price of the cartridge this little guy is trying to sell is just $4.99!  What?!?  $4.99?  Did I see that right? Again, $4.99 flashes on the screen during the commercial. Yep, I saw that right. Wow. $4.99 for a 500 page yield of black inkjet toner printing. My wife actually commented on the commercial; suspect of the cartridge price and page yield actually being true. (Dare you ask if she ever pays attention to a commercial about printers?) After a little investigation is seems Lexmark introduced this cartridge last year. And yes, it actually yields 500 pages for just $4.99. So why did Lexmark decide to re-introduce this inkjet cartridge with the release of another new inkjet printer, scanner, all-in-one machine? Who knows. But the commercial is cute and it’s catching the attention of all kinds of people. Back to the price - is this the beginning of a shift in the industry? Will most new inkjet printers come with inkjet cartridges at such a low price point? Let’s hope so! Check out the commercial on youtube!  Or see what other machines take this $4.99 Lexmark Cartridge in our cross reference.

Lexmark to fight the ink monster? Watch the Lexmark ink monster on Youtube?  For the folks at Lexmark, voice your opinion of this campaign.  We know you visit us incognito from your office...We look at Analytics...Don't be shy, post a comments about the Lexmark "500 page" "5 dollar cartridge".

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  1. Yeah, but they used Chiller as the font. That's worse than using Papyrus.


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