Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Lexmark Ink Monster - Inkosaurus

For those of you who read our previous post about the Lexmark Moolha Sucker, here's the newest Lexmark Ink Monster - Inkosaurus, it's a short 15 second commercial.  Lexmark has found an advertising niche for their supplies.

So let's think a bit longer about the cost-per-page for printing. Lexmark is advertising the $4.99 black cartridge price which makes the cost-per-page about $0.01. But this is a color machine. So I guess Lexmark is banking on the fact that people will be enticed to get the printer with a black ink cartridge that's so cheap....and then do a lot of color printing cuz those color cartridges ain't $4.99 are they?!?!?!


  1. The color cartridges are $9.99 each. Which is still cheap for a color cartridge!

  2. Yes, Lexmark Printer Cartridges are always cheaper compare to others So everyone prefer buy it instead of buying costly cartridges.

  3. So nice to see such kind of newest Lexmark Color Ink Cartridge which gives good printing quality in less price...
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