Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Typo or TASKafla?

Just email us, and we will send a spec sheet to you of these new Kyocera TASKalfa MFP's. Or you can visit this post about these new machines from Kyocera.

Well a heated debate came out of the recent press release from Kyocera Mita in our office. We posted that Kyocera Mita was going to come out with 15 new printers with the new brand name "TASKalfa". But as we looked closer at the press release the debate came up, is this a typo?

Manufacturers are no angels and are subject to the same scrutiny as we are - and we see alot of their mistakes. If you carefully read their press release - they have TASK "alfa" and TASK "afla".

This easily could be a typo from fast fingers?

We have sent an email to the Daniel and Paul to see if the new machines are TASK "alfa" or TASK "afla", and maybe they will contact us and post the the true brand name Kyocera Mita is trying to brand on our blog - my guess is TASKalfa, what is your guess?

Paul sent me an email Sep 18th - It is "TASKalfa". Honestly I have done a few typos myself - but at least I won the beer bet....

Supplies for the TaskAlfa


  1. Well Paul sent me a reply - TASKalfa not TASKafla -

    Unabridged Dictionary

    TASK [task, tahsk]
    alfa [al-fuh]

    Great we are set - Thanks Paul...By the way I won the beer bet...

  2. Mark -

    That was an easy win!

    Make sure you get an import out of this and tell the bartender to use the big glass.

    - Paul

  3. I'd take a pitcher - by any chance are these the models that will be coming out? Any chance we can get some info on the supplies for these machines?

    TASKalfa 500ci
    TASKalfa 400ci
    TASKalfa 300ci
    TASKalfa 250ci

  4. Paul - When you get the supplies for the Taskalfa machines send them over. We want to make sure we are on top of cross referencing those supplies - also hear your are a href="">New York Mets Fan?


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