Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Peter's Point

Just visited Peter's blog about printers and he shows an interesting piece of exploding toner as art from Flickr photograph from Makenosound. This is cool, neat and creative at the moment. "I like it!"

But in comparison, I am still amazed at Steve Graber's black & white artwork. When you look at Steve's art even one foot away you would think it is a Black & White photograph.

The amazing part is once you get a real close look at his art, it is all done in charcoal and water colors.

Yes, charcoal and water colors! Tiny lines and dots masked with a little smudge here and there to come out with an amazing photograph.

In comparison to the printer industry, I have only seen one printer with this capability. Care to guess?

A hint is they are no longer making printers but are making electronic components for printers, switches, sensors, RF devices, optical devices and other electronics.

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