Friday, July 25, 2008

What is the difference in the two printers?

Lexmark introduced a few new Home & Student series of wireles printers and the Small Office Pro Series and after close review of the spec sheets these are very similiar.

The Lexmark X4950 Home & Student wireless printer will retail for $149.99, compared to the X4975 Small Office Pro Series which will retail for $180.00. Besides the price, the spec sheets were pretty much identical, except for the following:

X4950 Additional Spec from X4975

"Simplify printing from Microsoft Office 2008 applications with Lexmark Tools for Office."

X4975 Additonal Spec from the X4950
"Produce lab-quality borderless photos up to 4800x2400 dpi resolution (7). (7) On glossy media in photo mode.

SOHO users, if you don't plan on printing glossy photo prints, save the thirty bucks and get the X4950.


  1. The X4975 also comes with high yeild cartridges while the X4950 has standard ones. I think they both can do the photos because that resolution is standard for Lexmark

  2. You are correct -

    18Y0341 Color, No. 41A, Page Yield 210 pages @ 5% coverage

    18Y0342 Black, No. 42A, Page Yield 220 pages @ 5% coverage

    18Y0340 Photo Black, No. 40, Page Yield 135 Pages @ 5% Coverage

    18Y0142 Black, No. 42, Page Yield 220 pages @ 5% coverage

    18Y0141 Tri-Color, No. 41, Page Yield 210 Pages @ 5% Coverage

    18Y0143 Color, No. 43, Page Yield 450 Pages @ 5% Coverage

    18Y0144 Black, No. 44, Page Yield 450 Pages @ 5% Coverage


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