Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nickel & Dimed - Not any More

This phrase being "nickeled and dimed" has no value in the meaning now, it is no longer nickels and dimes - It is more like being "Ten-ed and Twenty-ed". With the recent change in the economy, additional service charges are just getting outrageous.
  • I got my taxes to the IRS on time - I just got a notice of $120.oo penalty, still haven't figured out what for.

  • American Airlines - $15.00 for the first bag and $25.00 for any bag over 50 pounds

  • Bank of America - $39.99 late fee

  • Bank of America - $39.99 over limit fee

  • Wachovia - $30.00 Return Check fee

  • AT&T Phone Bill - $30.00 in (Bu******) taxes and service fees

  • UPS - Fuel Service Charge

  • Airports - Landing Fees

And the list continues - what service fees are driving you nuts?

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