Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Office Products Related Stock Index

Holy moley did we stumble across the coolest tool on the web! Check this out...we created a stock index tracker for our industry; office supplies retail super stores , printer manufacturers and companies that sell imaging devices and wholesale distributors that service the resellers.

Just where did we found this cool feature? In Google Docs. It gives you the capability to get delayed quotes in an excel sheet. Watch closely; you'll see the stock prices of these companies change. On some browsers you might have to hit (F5) to refresh your screen.

We created a weighted average index for each sector category that is a combination of previous close price, current stock price and outstanding shares.

Are there any other publically traded companies we should track who are related to our industry of Office and Computer Supplies? If you know of some, email us (info at answerco dot com) and we'll add them to our list. This is a pretty cool tool Google is providing.  I haven't found aGet Quote function like this in Microsoft Excel.

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