Monday, April 5, 2010

Maxell 229323 Ultrium LTO 5 Data Cartridge - now available

Maxell is now shipping it's version of the LTO data cartridge - The Ultrium LTO 5. Following are a few tid-bits about the product. We've also included a spec sheet of the Maxell LTO-5 tape cartridge. Take a peak at it.

Key features of Maxell LTO-5: Maxell Part Number 229233 data cartridge include:

-New ultra-fine ceramic-armored metal particles with high energy and superior recording performance realize high capacity of 3TB (2:1 compressed).
-Extremely accurate servo writing technologies, ensures stable servo characteristics and superior tracking reliability, corresponding to increased data track density, approximately 1.4 times compared with LTO 4, to achieve the high capacity of 3TB (2:1 compressed).

-Maxell’s exclusive magnetic coating was formed by cross-linking the binder system with two different functional binders. The main binder utilizes CB (Chemical Bonding) segments to bond chemically with the ceramic layer of the magnetic particles to improve packing-density characteristics. This allows an extremely strong chemical linkage of the metal particles, resulting in superior durability and excellent stability during long term storage.

-The basefilm with superior dimensional stability, ensures excellent reliability and durability for high density recording and playback, as well as archival storage.

-Built-in non-contact 8kB memory chip stores historical usage records and enables high speed data searches by the drive. In addition Maxell Cartridge Memory Analyzers use this chip to diagnose drive or tape abnormalities. Moreover, Maxell’s reddish brown colored LTO 5 cartridge provides quick and easy visual identification.

I can't wait to see all of the other cool stuff Maxell is coming out with like:
  • Headphones & EarBuds
  • Netbook Accessories
  • Data Transfer Cable
  • Tablo Advantage - This is cool...
  • ErgoMotion keyboard
  • iVDR Video Capture Adapter
  • Hard Drives - hmm... Could these be Hitachi?

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