Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Psst.... Don't Tell Anyone

Updated features for the Office Product Cross Reference Tool

Have you ever come across one of those Office Max or Office Depot bids that has their part numbers. Don't know what a 197092 is? Tired of trying to figure out what the product is? Is it a beating to enter one part number at a time on their site? Still having problems figuring out what it cross references to?

We are now in Beta production of an Office Supplies Price Comparison Tool for Dealers and End-Users. There are over 12,000 part numbers cross referenced to Office Max, Office Depot and Staples part numbers, all in one cross reference database.

We think this tool is especially nice for the end-user, which gives the end-user of office supplies a simple tool to compare the top three Office Supplies super stores and their web store prices prices to their contract prices. Everyone out on the internet uses OEM numbers, but on those special contracts, these retailers have been using their internal part numbers.

No one has taking the time to match these numbers up to the OEM number and better yet, cross reference to their competitors.

In recent lawsuits for State agencies regarding overcharging on office supplies, this tool should be a great help for the end-user to check and compare their contract prices with these retailers.

We will enjoy any feedback - give it a try, it's Free to use......It's the internet - and remember don't tell anyone!

You can also get code for your own Office Supplies Cross Reference for your site. How will you use this tool?

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