Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Google' G1 Phone hits the street! Allocated?

T-Mobile's site is now taking orders for the new G1 phone with Google, but what can be easily overlooked on their site is the "Extremely limited supply". Nothing like a good allocation right before the holiday rush.

I know allot of people that have an iPhone and waited in line for the prized few at the beginning. I just wonder how many will switch to the new Google G1 phone. Will you switch? The new Google G1 Phone with T-Mobile has some really cool features like, ShopSavvy. With ShopSavvy you can comparison shop before you buy. Just find the product in a store, scan the UPC code of a product, with the the camera. You are now set to compare prices from online merchants and nearby local stores. You can read product reviews and even build an on-line wish list to share with your friends.

But one word of caution with this feature, manufacturers are known to give the same product a different UPC code for each retailer. This is a common tactic amongst home appliances that are sold in Lowes, Home Depot, Best Buy and Circuit City.

The second feature I like is Locale. Locale automatically changes your phone settings to react a certain way depending on where your GPS shows that you're located. Maybe you want your ringer off when you're at work or extremely loud when you’re at happy hour after work. It all happens automatically with Locale.

With the phone priced at $179.00, it seems to have more features than the Apple iPhone.

So who is going to switch?

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